The magic of “Friendship”.

FRIENDS …………….Who are they???
A person whom we know, we like, we trust and are attached to by feelings of affection. Someone who will cheer us when we are down, motivate us when we are low, challenge us when we are losing, hold us tightly when life seems to be falling apart and support us when things go wrong.
In this fast and selfish world we meet some people who touch our souls in a special way and we are never ever the same again. I call these special people “friends”.
Buddy, Chum, Pal, BFF, Ally, dost, yaar…call them with any name. The essence remains the same, that of an affable person.
Friendship is one of the greatest gifts to the mankind. Friends come in different shapes and sizes (PUN intended!!). Friendship is like water. It can take any shape or form and flow freely from our hearts. And friends are the channel of love and affection. They enrich our lives and make us feel trusted, loved, accepted, respected and cared for.
With a friend by your side you can be the “real YOU”, without the fear of being judged or ridiculed upon.  By being yourself and letting your friends be themselves you open a new world created by you together which is full of happiness, understanding, comfort, security, love, care, warmth and undeterred support at all times.

[To be contd.....]


  1. I have a same feeling for it but never realised it. But have written once about it also.I can sense something same here.

  2. Friends and friendship...well they say as god cannot care for us every time they send mothers...god cannot protect us every time...they send father...and since god cannot be there all the time to let us be what we really are...they send friends...i don't know whether these are lines from any writer...i just formulated it just now...

    you know i feel i am at my best...when i can quote at my will...and today..within a span of 10-15 minutes i quote two...!!!

    1. :D

      Oh WOW! Yes you are on roll today..making quotes and that too such beautiful ones! I love your quotes a lot, even the ones you have on your blog, they are truly deep, meaningful making you pause and think.

      And yes these lines are not from any writer, but they do seem wonderful - a deep message conveyed so subtly, loved it!


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