10 things to learn from Mahi Way- 2

6. Love what you do and give you BEST to it. Remember the episode when Mahi has to become a Bobo (Hippo Aunty) in a children’s show because she needs a job. She excelled even in that, though there were initial stages where she felt embarrassed about her job and outfit. But she made the show a huge success. Just the way she became a fav with the agony aunt advices she poured out to her readers. That’s the way to go….just give everything you do your 100 % effort and you will enjoy doing that even more.

7. Never let people’s opinion about you matter. How can we forget the wonderful co-workers Mahi had for company at her workplace. They couldn’t get enough of Mahi., constantly bickering at her, chiding her and poking fun of her. But that didn’t deter Mahi’s will to enjoy her job and reach out to her thousands of readers with her wonderful personalized advices. It doesn’t matter what others think of you. As long as they think of you!!!

8. Perfecting the art of IMPERFECTION – The word IMPERFECT also says I-M-PERFECT. So it’s perfectly fine to be clumsy in your work, be lazy or have an untidy room. Because beyond that imperfection lays a world where there is no fear of being ridiculed at .Just enjoy being yourself because there is no one else like you!!

9. Love yourself. Pamper yourself. Make yourself feel special. Put on some favorite DVD; bring out those goodies and happy gorging. Get yourself a massage, a makeover or indulge yourself in a shopping spree. You are special. So why wait for someone to get that special treatment.

10. Life is beautiful. With all its bad incidents, horrible people and so many confusions life is still beautiful with its simple pleasures of having gol gappas, calling up a friend after a fight to patch up and knowing he/ she was never annoyed at all, having friends who love you despite all odds, reading Mills and Boons, having tons of chocolates watching SRK flick trying to imagine such romance for yourself …the list  is endless because life is all about these simple pleasures which we sometimes ignore trying to reach bigger and higher pleasures of life.

So dearies live and let live …..Coz that’s the way….Mahi’s Way!!

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