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When I was a child, everytime we went out for our "ice cream outings" I used to be very excited about the new flavours I would get to eat there. And on reaching the destination (Ice cream parlour) taking my own sweet time to finalize my flavour. But by the time the ice cream was in my hand, I always ended up feeling that every body elses' ice cream flavours seemed to be more better than mine. However much of cajoling or convincing by my parents wouldn't make me change my mind.

Today life seems so much like that to me.Just a few moments back I was looking at other people's lives and wondering how lucky they are to have such plain, simple and happy lives.I would do anything to have such uncomplicated lives. And suddenly I thought, "Ewwww....!!!"No.....I would never trade my favourite sundae full of nuts, chocolate sauce, jelly and wafers with a plain vanilla ice cream for anything in this world.NEVER!!!

I like my ice cream like that...crunchy-sweet-sour-colourful- full of surprises !!!!

On second thoughts - yes I love my life like this. Rickety - with its usual ups and downs - some bitter -some sweet surprises.....and above all the different colours I have around me which make my life beautiful. I would not want to trade it with anything . :)


  1. Doosron ke ghar ki dal acchi hi lagti hai ;)

    1. Par kabhi kabhi...har roz to ghar ki hi acchi lagti hai ;)

  2. grass always looks greener on the other side...!!!

    only a person who owns would know how much pests are there...

    best way to look at this would be...don't be bewildered about anybody else...as i always say...our own failure lies in us...if we want to win...fight with oneself...have a feeling you have to do better than your best attempt till date...never think about others...they are not you...and you can never fill in their boots...be yourself...challenge yourself to do better...and victory will be yours...!!!

    1. Perfectly said!!

      Hats off for your last lines, loved them truly.


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