About Mahi Way

Mahi Way is a popular teleserial on Sony Entertainment television based on the life of a 25 ½ years old single girl named Mahi Talwar (Yes….she prefers being called that only!!!!).Amidst the usual highs and lows of life are a few wonderful underlying messages which can be implemented by us to ensure our lives is clutter free. 

Wondering what is clutter free? Well, excess baggage of emotions, worry, concern, guilt etc etc create unnecessary clutter in our lives. And to be happy we need to get rid of all the things which are useless and unimportant.

For the non-followers of this serial, Mahi is a typical girl next door Punjabi girl based in Delhi who works as an agony aunt is a fashion magazine. Surrounded by over jealous co-workers and a Miranda Priestly types boss she still manages to excel at her job.  She shares a love- hate relationship with her Mom, who in turn always seems to find ways and means to get her married to the next available Punjabi Munda. For her siblings she is eternal punching bag available for their jokes. Not to forget the “Mr. Perfect” she has a crush on and forever keeps on dreaming about. Sadly he is not even aware about her existence.  To balance these she has a doting father and 2 best friends who make all the difficulties seem worthless….and ofcourse a Chaddi-Buddy (a.k.a a childhood friend)

With all this confusion, the sometimes good-sometimes bad days, the best thing about Mahi is that she loves the way she is. Saying it like her – “That’s the way, Mahi‘s Way!!”. She is fiercely independent and refuses to let her weight be an issue coming in the way of her dreams. 

[To be contd.....]

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