The A to Z of simplifying LIFE

A   Always be hopeful; no matter how worst the circumstances get.
B     Be kind to everyone
  Call your friends, loved ones and family members regularly
  Dance to every little tune that life keeps on playing for us.
E   Enjoy every moment that comes your way
   Follow your heart
   Give- more hugs, more love, more happiness!!
H   Hug your loved ones more often
I       Indulge in things that you love to do
J   Jeer at life when it is trying to scare you by making weird faces!!
   Keep loving everything around you in life. The world is very beautiful!
   Learn something new daily
  Make the first move always – in fights, in love, in friendship and in hugs!!
N   Never carry a grudge.
  Omit all the bad memories from the past
   Push harder when life seems to be pushing you down
  Quit things which harm you.
   Remember to be thankful for all the blessings you have in your life.
    Smile more
T   Trust your instincts
   Understand the real meaning of your life.
   Vow to give back to your society / country/ do something for the needy.
  Welcome everything that comes your way with open arms – joy and tears both!
X   X (AXE) all the negativism which pull you down.
   Yearn to be the BEST in whatever you do
   Don’t let life just ZOOM past you without you realizing it.

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