2012 ~ Half Down

7 months already gone in this year and the 8th month running…. Phew!! This year has been like some running race where I am simply clueless how fast the times seem to have flown away. It seems just yesterday that we were talking about New Year resolutions and here I am feeling sad about the progress so far. Sharing with you guys some of the things I am feeling right now:
  Yup this is Me..running towards my goal

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  • To let go of a few things and not let unwanted things affect me.
  • To badly take some time off and relax before my body screams for a break!
  • To keep my thinking cap on constantly.
  • To remember my mistakes and not repeat them.
  • I am able to achieve at least 70% of what I intended to when this year began.
  • I don’t disappoint my loved ones who have big hopes on me.
  • To see the silver lining soon amidst the grey clouds I am currently surrounded with.
  • To understand what is expected out of me as a human being.


  •  About the unaccomplished things that I am yet to start. I am worried I might not be able to complete all that I have thought about for this year.
  • About many insignificant things I am surrounded with which are beyond my control.
  • About not being able to write someday as I run out of ideas.
  • About the new changes life is awaiting me as my life is going to undergo a huge transition in the coming few months.


  • My blog each day much more than the other. It is witness to the fact that I have grown as a person in the last 1.5 years. My thoughts, my views and my opinions reflect a serious change that I am going through with the help of all the lessons life is teaching me at each step.
  • Being able to get up each day with renewed vigour and look forward to new challenges.
  • Living each moment as it comes filled with its uncertainty and surprises.
  • Holding my hands in a prayer looking up to Him as soon I see a tiny tremor of trouble erupting in my life.


  • On seeing the lovely comments I keep receiving on my posts. It makes me feel on top of this world!
  • On being so busy sometimes that I can barely manage to have time for anything else.
  • On feeling the love, care and concern I am surrounded with.
  • On being able to enjoy all the beautiful small moments of joy I get to the fullest.

P.S: This is a feel-good post for two reasons.One I have been having a very hectic schedule off late and I really need a reason to feel good. Secondly off late I feel my blog has been having very serious posts, hence trying to write something on the lighter note.

P.P.S: This post is inspired by a post written by Aaekay HERE. Though she very lovingly asked me to make a monthly checksheet like her, I found a shortcut and made a yearly one ;)

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