Ek aur ek Gyarah!

'Ask and you shall Recieve' goes a saying. Last week I had prayed to God for some reasons to feel good and celebrate as there seems to be so much of a stagnancy in my life. . Aha! Some of those wishes when He was surely listening to Me. He said AMEN and Lo!! It seems to be raining awards for Me, giving me so many reasons every day to smile, feel good, bask in the love & attention showered and write sweet reflective posts here;

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Today I have been given the Liebster Award by Jaish_Vats adding another feather to my cap. I simply loved the uniqueness she brought to this tag by asking a very different question to all the winners. Different than the rest, truly sets my thinking horses running. She asked:

State 11 things you think are required for a happy and fulfilling life..
Could be things, principles, rules anything

  • Live, Laugh & Love - Each moment.
  • Forgive- not because of anything else but because you are much more stronger than any hurt on this earth.
  • Love everyone for what they are.
  • After a fall, learn to get up yourself. It will save you a lot of pain in future.
  • Hope is the only rope to which we need to clung tightly at times of despair.
  • Give a lot every time you can - Hugs, love, care, attention, wishes, prayers, happiness etc, as it barely costs anything but leaves back a very good feeling
  • Once in a while, pause life for a while amidst all the running around.
  • If it hurts, let that person know.It is very important.
  • Express - most of the times it solves all the problems!
  • Be like a SPRING - the harder circumstances force you down, the harder you come back.
  • Never let your life be like an open book for everyone to read. Rather let it be like a mystery serial, unveiling slowly in each episode.
Sharing with you the 11 things I think that are required for a happy and fulfilling life. Some are mine, some are borrowed, but in short some beautiful lessons Life has taught me so far which left me with a happy feeling!

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Another reason for this happy dance is I have been selected as the featured follower this week by Andy !!

I am definately celebrating ~

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Care to join?

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