Face it & Stand Up ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Face It

Couple of years ago, I was going through a very difficult time personally and professionally both. I was disheartened, disappointed and disillusioned by everything around me. It seemed as if everything had reached a standstill and nothing was moving the way I wanted.

While surfing the net I came across an article where the writer was saying that God answers your questions one time in a day for sure and you should never stop asking Him for it. I decided to let this act as a litmus test and see what God had to say about my situation. My heart was screaming 'Why...Why me?' day and night. And only a miracle could pacify my quest now.

The next day I began chanting my question to Him. That day the entire time that I was awake I did not let that question leave my mind even for a moment. I cried myself to sleep that night as I did got any answer.  That night I dreamt that God has blessed Me with wings and asked me to fly high. I was so excited I instantly started flapping my wings and  began soaring upwards to touch the sky. As I was admiring the beauty around me I felt a tug and suddenly I was falling down. I did not have any control over my fall.I fell down with a thud and lay there for quite sometime. After a while I dusted my clothes and got up to go back. I started walking when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see a bright light behind me which had a mystic aura around it. I stood there awe struck when I heard a voice, 'You fell and you got up yourself as you knew you don't' have anyone around to help you get up.Then why in real life you look for support to get up. The way you went up, the same way you came down. The next moment you could again go up and then come down again... why this complaint then? For what?'

The moment I heard these words I hung my head in shame as I realised what He was trying to tell me. After few moments as I raised my head to see Him, He was nowhere to be seen I understood it, I had got my answer.  This experience is still so fresh it gives me goosebumps as I am writing about it right now.

This incident has left me feel blessed and helped me look for rainbows every time I am surrounded by grey clouds.The best thing is that now every time I face a problem I don’t cringe and say Owww…!!! Why Me.?? Rather I smile and say WOW!!! Try me.

Lesson Learnt : It is important to face everything that life throws our way. It is an important milestone in the journey of our lives. When we don't question success or joy, then why question failure and pain.

PEPPER ~ This week ~Stand Up

I am huge movie buff. During my childhood I was very fascinated by the heroines in our Hindi movies as I used to see them as the much sought after people in colleges. They used to portrayed as extremely popular with a huge group of people always surrounding them, executing all their wishes and desires. For me that was sheer brilliance. I wanted to be like that. Be Ms.Popular and have everyone around Me. These characters also known as 'sidekicks' were becoming extremely popular in terms of role potrayal.

But gradually as I grew up I ended up being a sidekick myself. Throughout my school and college days I was side kick to many popular people. I had concluded that being popular required you to have a special kind of talent which I somehow did not have. I resigned to my fate and accepted it.

It took a very big incident to jolt me back to normalcy. One of my friends [ to whom I was  sidekick] had done something wrong in the school . On being caught she smartly lied to each one, including my parents that it was me and not her. She blackmailed me in accepting the blame or else she threatened she would boycott me in the school. Being the timid and fearful person that I was I meekly accepted it and bore the consequences for no fault of mine. 

But that day she opened by eyes. 'Heroes are not like that... 'I thought that night. 'They protect everyone in movies. They don't make people go through something wrong. They fight for their rights.' I cried a lot at my weakness and fought with God for having made such mean people around me. I kept on asking Him why do I have to go through all this for no fault of mine.
I don't know from where I gathered the strength but next day I went to school and blurted out the truth. She landed in big problem and yes I was boycotted for almost 8 months at school. But all this made me strong.For a 16 year old it was nightmarish to not have anyone to speak to in the school and sit all alone.

If you ask me how I managed I don't have an answer. But I know I was right. As that was the day I decided to cease being a side kick and become a real hero! 
Lesson Learnt :It is very important to stand up for yourself in life and fight for your rights. No one else will do that for you.


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