Face it & Stand Up ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Face It

Couple of years ago, I was going through a very difficult time personally and professionally both. I was disheartened, disappointed and disillusioned by everything around me. It seemed as if everything had reached a standstill and nothing was moving the way I wanted.

While surfing the net I came across an article where the writer was saying that God answers your questions one time in a day for sure and you should never stop asking Him for it. I decided to let this act as a litmus test and see what God had to say about my situation. My heart was screaming 'Why...Why me?' day and night. And only a miracle could pacify my quest now.

The next day I began chanting my question to Him. That day the entire time that I was awake I did not let that question leave my mind even for a moment. I cried myself to sleep that night as I did got any answer.  That night I dreamt that God has blessed Me with wings and asked me to fly high. I was so excited I instantly started flapping my wings and  began soaring upwards to touch the sky. As I was admiring the beauty around me I felt a tug and suddenly I was falling down. I did not have any control over my fall.I fell down with a thud and lay there for quite sometime. After a while I dusted my clothes and got up to go back. I started walking when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see a bright light behind me which had a mystic aura around it. I stood there awe struck when I heard a voice, 'You fell and you got up yourself as you knew you don't' have anyone around to help you get up.Then why in real life you look for support to get up. The way you went up, the same way you came down. The next moment you could again go up and then come down again... why this complaint then? For what?'

The moment I heard these words I hung my head in shame as I realised what He was trying to tell me. After few moments as I raised my head to see Him, He was nowhere to be seen I understood it, I had got my answer.  This experience is still so fresh it gives me goosebumps as I am writing about it right now.

This incident has left me feel blessed and helped me look for rainbows every time I am surrounded by grey clouds.The best thing is that now every time I face a problem I don’t cringe and say Owww…!!! Why Me.?? Rather I smile and say WOW!!! Try me.

Lesson Learnt : It is important to face everything that life throws our way. It is an important milestone in the journey of our lives. When we don't question success or joy, then why question failure and pain.

PEPPER ~ This week ~Stand Up

I am huge movie buff. During my childhood I was very fascinated by the heroines in our Hindi movies as I used to see them as the much sought after people in colleges. They used to portrayed as extremely popular with a huge group of people always surrounding them, executing all their wishes and desires. For me that was sheer brilliance. I wanted to be like that. Be Ms.Popular and have everyone around Me. These characters also known as 'sidekicks' were becoming extremely popular in terms of role potrayal.

But gradually as I grew up I ended up being a sidekick myself. Throughout my school and college days I was side kick to many popular people. I had concluded that being popular required you to have a special kind of talent which I somehow did not have. I resigned to my fate and accepted it.

It took a very big incident to jolt me back to normalcy. One of my friends [ to whom I was  sidekick] had done something wrong in the school . On being caught she smartly lied to each one, including my parents that it was me and not her. She blackmailed me in accepting the blame or else she threatened she would boycott me in the school. Being the timid and fearful person that I was I meekly accepted it and bore the consequences for no fault of mine. 

But that day she opened by eyes. 'Heroes are not like that... 'I thought that night. 'They protect everyone in movies. They don't make people go through something wrong. They fight for their rights.' I cried a lot at my weakness and fought with God for having made such mean people around me. I kept on asking Him why do I have to go through all this for no fault of mine.
I don't know from where I gathered the strength but next day I went to school and blurted out the truth. She landed in big problem and yes I was boycotted for almost 8 months at school. But all this made me strong.For a 16 year old it was nightmarish to not have anyone to speak to in the school and sit all alone.

If you ask me how I managed I don't have an answer. But I know I was right. As that was the day I decided to cease being a side kick and become a real hero! 
Lesson Learnt :It is very important to stand up for yourself in life and fight for your rights. No one else will do that for you.



  1. Oh... this is so profound. You really got that dream? :O It's so.. I don't know.. miraculous and fascinating! And the way you learned about real heroes :) You're definitely a strong person, because only the strongest can accept and learn from their mistakes and stand up to the wrong. :)
    Loved reading it! :)

    1. Yes Ashna it is....just try this it truly works. I have asked so many questions and got answers in various forms. Most of the times it is dreams while sometimes it is some signal. It is nothing short of a miracle.. and that is the reason I feel blessed.

      I was not strong but people around me hurt me a lot due to which I became stronger I guess.

      Thanks for loving it..!!

  2. hey Me- I loved face and stand up. I guess last week of july was something similar. I had to face few things and stand up and be courageous to let it go.

    Loved it.

    1. Thanks Sridevi - I can understand where you come from.... it happens with each one of us sometime in life where we finally have to face it and stand up!

  3. Loved your post. I also believe that we always get the answers from the Universe for any questions we ask, we simply need to be alert to them and that in life we will face good and bad times - life must balance out - and the "bad" times define us so much more.
    I can so relate to your pepper notes. I had a similar incident in school but I was so timid I never stood up for myself.

    1. Very true Suzy and beautifully put.

      Universe does have answers to each of our questions, we just need to be looking out for it.

      I was timid till many years but perhaps this year when it happened I decided I had enough. Sadly though I don't have many friends right now but I am glad that the few ones that I have are genuine and value me for what I am rather than making me their side kick.

  4. How true Me!! :)
    I can't decide whether Salt was more beautiful or whether it was Pepper. I love your This Week posts Me! They ALWAYS inspire me and make me think about my life.
    Lovely post!

    And thank you very much for the kind comments you leave on my blog! :)


    1. Thats really sweet of you to say this Aaekay :)

      Thanks so much!

      And yes your sweet blog posts literally tempt me to comment...hugs to you too....<3

  5. Valuable lessons indeed ! I especially liked the WOW- TRY ME ; hope we have that attitude in life. I don't know whether u have read this forward that has been in circulation for a long time. I constantly read it to pep myself up ! Cheers and hugs !

    Arthur Ashe, the legendary Wimbledon player was dying of AIDS which he got due to infected blood he received during a heart surgery in 1983..
    From world over, he received letters from his fans, one of which conveyed: "Why does GOD have to select you for such a bad disease"?

    To this Arthur Ashe replied:

    "The world over, 50 million children start playing tennis, 5 million learn to play tennis, 500,000 learn professional tennis, 50,000 come to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam, 50 reach Wimbledon, 4 to semi final, 2 to the finals, when I was holding a cup I never asked GOD 'Why me?'. And today in pain I should not be asking GOD 'Why Me ?

    1. Firstly Priya, thanks for such a lovely comment. I truly appreciate it :)

      Yes you are correct in saying we all need that attitude forever in life.

      This story is a part of Chicken Soup for the survivors soul - and it is truly inspiring. Whenever in doubt or in trouble I reach out for my books because I know I will get many answers from them. Specially the chicken soup series, my all time favourite!!

      Thanks for sharing this inspiring story here for each one of us to read, remember and implement!

  6. I am amazed you really did get the dream. But i have also found that one way or the other God leaves those tiny hints everywhere, one just needs to pick them. Life can be really touhg sometimes but one just has to let go of 'Why me' to 'Try me' :)

    1. Yes I am amazed too.. but then I think this is what life is all about. Surprises and miracles are there all around us waiting for us to realise how special we are.

      You are very true in saying this...I agree!

  7. Well let me tell you a secret we learn more in bad times , than in good times. Moreover good times are only good because we think they are good... and a awesome lesson TRY ME .. oh yes bring it on .. now that attitude is needed to make it big always ...

    Thats two important lessons learnt for sure .. yes stand up for urself because GOd helps those who help themselves always

    All the best :)


    1. Absolutely true, thanks for putting it across so beautifully for all of us here.

      And thanks for your wishes, I truly need them ;)

  8. Amazing! Your post is another validation for my belief in ‘signs’! I believe all our apprehensions, all our troubles, all are queries, have an answer around us, which we get in the form of signs. Some signs are direct, while others need to be deciphered.. its amazing how we are looking for a solution, and suddenly get it out of nowhere.. without any help or support from anyone..
    You have brilliantly put across the idea of ‘taking life as it comes’.. and believing in ourselves : )
    Loved it..! And your very lucky if you are able to recognize these signs around you; not many people can : )

    The ‘Pepper’ was equally enlightening! There comes a phase in our lives, when we feel inferior to the people around; we get intimidated very easily, and thus start losing ourselves. It is important to realize our self worth, and stand for our beliefs!
    PS: I always look forward to your salt and pepper posts. They always give me something new to ponder over, and sometimes, have some known ideas put across brilliantly : )

    Keep writing, and enlightening : )

    1. So true..yes there are answers around us which we need to look out for. Amidst all this confusion the thing that we need to do most importantly is believe in ourselves. That is equally important even for the 'pepper' as we might come across such people day in and out who are just waiting to rob you of your identity and make you feel inferior.

      Thank you so much Saloni for such a lovely comment and your PS too. Its truly treasured!!


  9. I can face anything except my own emotions. I never learned before to stand up for myself. I am trying at least to teach my children to be stronger and to know their worth

    1. I truly understand. It is actually difficult to stand up for ourselves and face things with elan, and I am glad you are trying to instill these things in your children. I am sure in that process you will also be able to do this for yourself soon!

  10. Face it:

    when i was reading the first few lines...why me? i stated in my mind...try me?
    and that's the way the story unfolded finally...yes it's true...moreover at times of happiness and success we tend to say...i did it,it was my effort that pulled all the way through...so why not accept everything at times of failure and fight it through...needless to say i like it as i like almost everything you write...it sound monotonous at times...when you repeat the same thing over and over again but whatever it may be...i liked it.

    Stand up:
    Interestingly this is one thing which has been with me...all my life...i believe any day i might lose anything that i possess but the day i lose my fighting ability to stand up and oppose what is wrong i would lose my individuality...Never say die and Stand up are two things which makes me...!!!

    good post to remind one's potentials...!!!

    1. You have a very wonderful way of articulating my thoughts interwoven with yours so beautifully!

      It is truly impressive... I cannot thank you enough for this as it makes me feel that my thoughts have consensus.


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