Empty Thoughts (Flash fiction)

Chotu stuck out his tongue in amazement as he saw the trays of delicious mouthwatering food bring brought in. He smiled as he heard the laughter around him. Everybody seemed to be having so much fun. He could hear the clinking of glasses mixed with the incessant chatter around. This seemed like a happy place to be in.

The burger looked so delicious with a cherry on the top. And the noodles, they seemed like satin ribbons ready to melt in your mouth. The large strawberry sundae laden with chocolates and nuts reminded him of his sister Pinky. Her favourite colour was pink. ‘She would have surely loved this…and Ma would have enjoyed here like anything.’ he thought ‘….will get them here someday. They would be so happy.’

His grumbling stomach brought him back to reality. He had not earned a single rupee till now today and if he did not earn anything the entire day they would have nothing to eat tonight.  He put his empty thoughts to rest and ran towards the entrance of the restaurant. He started approaching the passersby. 'Mai….bahut bhook lagi hai..kuch khaya nahi hai….. bhagwan ke naam pe kuch de do…


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