He, She & It (Flash Fiction)

Ramaiyya lit the lantern and looked around the house. The emptiness of the house seemed to haunt him every moment as he thought about her. He missed her presence each day after he returned from a daylong work at the fields. The way she waited for him at the door, made all this favourite dishes for dinner, heard him as he shared the day’s happenings with her, pressed his head in case it ached, held him tightly as she slept – he missed everything. Many times he would almost decide to bring her back from her parents’ house but would stop himself. 

He loved her a lot but could not forgive her for it. No...He could not forget what she had done. How could she….he thought. Everything was going well in their lives except for the fact that she was not able to conceive since a long a time. They tried all possible ways to find a solution but to no avail. As the sarcasm of people around them increased one day in a fit of rage she blamed him for it. How dare she….He cannot have a problem. It had to be all because of her


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