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On the eve of Rakshabandhan I cannot help but miss my dearest brother as he is away from all of us in a different country trying to carve a niche for himself. This post is specially dedicated to him, just to let him know what he means to me. I know most of the times it is all understood, but sometimes it just needs to be told and expressed.

My dearest Bodyguard Bhai,

Before you were born I was not willing to accept a third person to share all my things including Mamma's undivided attention. But the moment I saw you I changed my mind. You were so cute and adorable with your brown melting eyes and a dimpled smile. I became your undisclosed bodyguard since that day. I would follow you everywhere you went just to be sure that you are safe. I remember even fighting with people when they ill-treated you.

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Gradually as we grew up there came a time in our lives where we simply could not stand each other. You know today when I look back I wonder what made me feel like that. During those few years we fought like crazy for everything and anything. I was growing up to be a teenager and had different thoughts. You were not able to take the changes your 'Sissy' was going through. I found you stupid and irritating and you found me to arrogant and dumb. I believed things could never be good between us ever again. 

God had maybe decided to remind both of us what we are for each other. He wanted to show us that there is still an invisible umbilical cord which ties both of us together. He parted us.Though in the beginning I didn't realise it, but gradually the realisation dawned on me that perhaps I had lost you forever. That bond which we had , had vanished. It could not be recreated again. I had lost my brother. But here again God decided to surpise me by sending me back. And surprises of all surprises our bond grew more stronger than before.It was as if that gap never existed between us.

The last couple of years we spent together before you left for abroad were perhaps the best years of my life. Those impromptu parties, the dinners, the exploring of new places, those long drives, those midnight birthday celebrations, surprise gifts, pillow fights, teasing, bickering, stupid jokes..... Oh I miss all of them so much! 

You always asked me why I never had a best friend bhai, today I will tell you the answer. It was because with you by my side I never needed one. You taught me in true sense that Two is a company, always!

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You did not teach me what to do but your led your life as an example asking me to follow. I had almost lost you twice and that is when I realized how strongly connected we are. My heart shudders every time I think of both those instances...never ever again do I want to experience that again.

Till the time you were young I was fiercely protective about you like a mother and now I enjoy the way the roles have been reversed as you play the role of a mother to me. I love the way you patiently listen to all my problems and dole out advices like an agony aunt. I feel proud to see my little brother become so big that he can manage things all by himself not only for him but for all of us as well.

Like the greeting card which I bought for you says;

You have been the single flame of light that has inspired me always!

I truly mean this bhai. And I just want you to know you are terribly missed. Sad moments are more sad without you [ and your stupid jokes!!] and happy moments are less happy without your cackling laughter resounding in the entire house.
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Waiting for those golden days to be back when we all would be together again celebrating the good old times!

This Rakshabandhan just want to let you- we all are very proud of you and you are truly missed, loved, cherished and cared for. Though I send you rakhi every year I miss the pleasure of tying it on your hands and getting a chance to pull your cheeks whilst doing that!! As per the tradition though I am supposed to ask for a gift from you, but this year I want to give you a special gift ~ A promise to be there for you always, no matter what. 

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*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Happy Rakhi~ *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Loads of love, hugs and kisses,

Your silly sister

P.S. This post is written for That Tuesday Thingy, an *IndiBlogeshwaris* initiative.

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