Inspired Inscribes - 1

'Allow yourself to be inspired' - Anonymous 

At some point in life we all reach a phase where we need an inspiration. It could be gentle push, a kind word, appreciation, a beautiful dream - it could be anything. But that one thing becomes the fuel on which we run towards our dreams with renewed vigour. I feel I have also reached that stage where I am looking around for inspiration in about everything around Me. Be it books, blogs or people - I am looking at them to get inspired and learn something . Starting today every Wednesday I will share with you something that inspired me as I learn the lessons of life bit by bit. I have decided to call this series Inspired Inscribes.I will start from where we all start our learning – the alphabets as I allow myself to be inspired.

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 Always be hopeful, no matter how worse the circumstances are, for being hopeful means believing that you are much more stronger than this and like it is said everything has an end. Just like good things end making you feel sad, bad things end making you feel glad. In times of darkness hope is the only thing we can clutch tightly silently praying for things to be normal soon. 


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