The Break Up – A long story; cut short

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When two people meet and fall in love, they enter into a new segment of their lives. People are attracted seeing their common tastes, likes, dislike and create a liking for each other. Unfortunately it also happens sometimes that love is the only common thing between them and they both expect different things from their relationship / each other / life / all of these. It leads to a lot of fights, arguments, clashes and finally a break up. Glimpses of what transpired between a pair, who were in love and now, have broken up.

You looked into my eyes and said, ‘You have such beautiful almond shaped caramel coloured eyes…they are attracting me like a magnet.’ I wish you could see my soul through those eyes which was dying to bare itself for you.
You touch my lips and whisper,’ Your lips are so soft…just like rose petals... I just want to keep feeling them again and again… I wonder if you hear every word that passes my lips and understand what I want to say.
You see my diamonds and smirk, ‘Aha! Sparkling diamonds…a woman’s best friend!. I hope you noticed the sparkle in my eyes when I saw you.
I bump into a friend, hug him and speak for 2 minutes. You interrogate me for 2 hours. You think I don’t understand you. I think you don’t understand what friends are.
I answer your call after 8 missed calls. You scream, ‘Damn it.. Why are you not answering my calls? Have been trying to reach you since an hour.. I simply reply ‘I met with an accident. You say “Oh many times do I have to ask you to be careful? Is the car damaged badly? Is anyone injured?’ I want to hear, ‘ Are you ok?
             You command – do this and don’t do that. ~~~~ I demand – love and respect

   You want to love ~ I want to live
Sadly both are not possible together. With a lot of pain in my heart we part ways... And I begin a new journey to learn how to stop loving you and start living me.

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