It's raining LOVE!

It’s raining LOVE all around me, making me wonder if I really want to get drenched in it or not........

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 But it seems to have made up its mind to take me by surprise and drench me in its warmth with each drop!

~ It is LOVE for me when ~

My silence on SMS is also understood to perfection ~ I am amazed at how perfectly the unspoken is felt.

Someone sitting miles away from me can hear everything that my heart wants to say the moment I say Hello on the phone ~ I am touched to see my emotions are truly heard

I feel a gentle squeeze on my hand with a knowing look in the eyes which seem to say ‘I am there!’~ I love listening to the unspoken like this

I am invited for a cup of coffee just like that as I seemed a bit lost.~ I am surprised they noticed my eyes which were proof to a night spent crying

I receive a comment on my old posts with a P.S: Never ever stop writing. ~I wonder how that person came to know that I was actually contemplating a break from writing at that moment

I receive an email from one of my fellow bloggers asking me to Take care! as I was not sounding too good on the replies I had given ~ I am overwhelmed at the care and concern being showered

It is so truly said that sometimes in life you reach a stage where everything becomes hazy. Tears fill your eyes and clouds cover your thoughts – they don’t let you see or think clearly at all. That is when LOVE comes in such various forms just like bright sunshine to make you see things in new light once again. They are not like those rain drops which can be avoided by an umbrella; they are like those warm and strong rays of the sun which cannot be shielded against by anything. 

I just wish to say to each one of you - Thanks – for being there, it truly means a lot! After every storm I have picked up the scattered remnants with a smile and renewed vigour each time, but this time I did not have the courage maybe or the strength to begin all over again. Maybe the tears in the form of raindrops had drenched my soul very badly. But your love and care in the form of sunshine has made me feel all bright and chirpy all over again and here I am back to my usual self all raring to go. As you all quietly whispered this to Me with your actions:

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