I let go....

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I let go ~
  • Of a beautiful yesterday that was a part of Me; so that I can welcome a more wonderful tomorrow.
  • Of the hurt you bestowed on Me not because I forgive you because I choose to forget.
  • Of the dreams we had shared as they were nothing but castles in the air which got blown away in the storm.
  • Of all the pain I have accumulated till now to create place for love to grow for myself.
  • Of the tears which used to blur my sight to see the way ahead more clearly.
  • Of the ruins from my past to build a concrete future.
  • Of the love I had for you as it was not meant to be.
  • Of the disappointments that have gathered around me for they clutter the surroundings.
  • Of the chaos my world was enclosed with and move to a quieter place to listen what my heart says.
  • Of the bygone times as they are nothing but memories and clutching them will not let me grab any new ones around.
  • Of the heaviness around my heart as it is nothing but a momentary tug before I plunge into the courage zone from my comfort zone. 
  • Of all the gnawing thoughts inside my mind to see the beautiful opportunities I am surrounded with.
  • Of the people who hurt me – not because they deserve it, but because I deserve it.
  • Of the criticism I have faced till now because the cheers which lay ahead will drown their noise any which ways.
  • Of this selfish world; as even I am selfish and want to think only of myself!

Source: Google Images
This post was published in Kaleidocope Ezine's October Issue.

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