Silent Whispers (Flash Fiction)

Vikas shook his head in tune to the latest Rihanna number playing loudly on his Ipod. At 21, life was all about friends and music for him. For a moment he felt the earth shook only to realise this was the effect of his atomic bass earphones. He smiled as he thought of asking his dad to increase his pocket money. He wanted to have a smart phone for his birthday next month. 

Blissfully unaware about the surroundings, he was going home from the Churchgate station mentally planning his birthday bash when a television screen in a nearby showroom caught his attention. BOMB BLAST at Churchgate Station. 10 feared dead. 40 injured. He turned around to see people running helter shelter with sirens blazing in the background. I’m gonna live whispered Justin Beiber in his ears.

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