For friend!

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I miss those giggles we used to share; those stupid jokes and talks of care.

I miss that ‘triiinnngg’ sound which meant your message has come, these days the only thing my mobile does is stay mum.

I miss my smiles which used to come when we spoke, those nonsensical nothings and fun we used to poke.

I miss your warm gooood morning!!! :) And the way we used to chat in the evenings.

I miss your usual banter and teasing……those sweet little nothings which were oh-so-pleasing.

I miss falling asleep talking to you, whisking away to a dreamland full of hue.

I miss our SMS sessions that led nowhere, the way you would tease me and pare.

I miss the care, worry and concern around... I await your call or message in almost every sound.

I miss being that friend with whom you would share your dreams but more so I miss that friend who could hear even my unspoken!

Somewhere deep down I miss that special feeling I wish I could tell you it's meaning.

Oh! There is so much to say but you don’t want to hear, but I promise to be there to listen when you want to say something. I could do anything right now to just talk to you like old times and share that camaraderie again. I wish you understood that sometimes it is important to have something rather than try to have everything and eventually end up having nothing. I wish I could tell you that sometimes all one needs is someone who is there, no matter what!

P.S: This is dedicated to a very loving friend. Unfortunately we are no longer on talking terms as the boundaries of friendship-like-love started getting hazy. I completely respect that person's feelings and decision but at the same time cannot help but miss a friend who was truly cherished! 

For YOU--> Wherever  you are, whatever you do I want you to know I will always pray for two things - smile on your lips and success in your every step!

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