10 things I want to do before I die

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  "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”   ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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· Write a book and see it in the bestsellers list
· Pursue a Ph D
·Buy my own house
· Inspire
· Have a library of my own  
· Paragliding
· Bungee Jumping
· See the seven wonders of the world
· Travel to all the places on my wishlist
· Dance once on stage
I am eternal dreamer and I keep dreaming about so many things. Highlighting ten things out of them was very difficult for me but then as it is said in life dreams are the most important thing for survival for they denote HOPE very silently. What else would you call them for when we sleep we don't even know if we would wake up the next day and yet we plan, imagine, wish, dream, desire and sleep knowing that we have a tomorrow in hand to wake up and work towards making all of them come true!
This year has been a roller coaster ride. Many highs and many lows but as I say in my introduction I am like a wave in the sea and hence would only talk about the highs. One of the biggest HIGH would be to have the word "author" associated with my name and going ahead making this word more impactful so much so that "I" as an individual cease to exist and what remains is just an author, a writer with loads of dreams in her eyes tightening her shoe laces to make all of them come true.
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"A desire to conquer hearts ~ One word at a time!" 

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