Metro Diaries : The world of Love

Lakshmi adjusted her pallu stealthily looking at her husband Narendra. He was standing at a vendor’s shop haggling over something.

Must be the chillies he would have added!” She smiled “He still makes me feel like a child - pampered, cared and looked after.

Just at that moment their eyes met and he motioned to her 5 more minutes. She nodded in response and continued with her imagery.

She had been married to Narendra for almost 3.5 decades now and she could not remember a single day when she would have gone to sleep without a smile on her face. He somehow always ensured that. Just like he was doing it right now, standing feet's apart on a crowded platform he still managed to make her blush with just a look and a smile.

She remembered herself as a timid 21 year old, fresh out of college. All her friends were getting married one by one and their experiences scared her beyond words. The way they were scrutinised and made to feel uncomfortable during those meetings was something she detested. Mentally Lakshmi never wanted to go through this, but somewhere in her hearts she knew she had no choice but to go through all that came her way.

Lakshmi could barely sleep the night before she was going to meet Narendra for the first time. She mentally kept on rehearsing all that could be and would be but to no avail. Her fears just refused to melt down and kept increasing with every passing minute. And finally the moment arrived when the clock struck 5 pm announcing that they could be here any moment.

The initial few seconds that she spent sitting with Narendra alone were very uncomfortable as she was fidgety all the time wondering if she was doing it the “right” way. One smile from him and she somehow understood he meant to say “Relax, it’s all fine.” She did not remember what all they had spoken in those 30 minutes they spent together in that room but she remembered the smile on his face as he kept looking at her with an admiration in his eyes while she kept talking. Nothing was asked, nothing answered and yet everything was understood within those few moments where the hearts had met and the souls had begun talking.

Long after they had got married she had managed to ask him about his thoughts on that day. He replied, “I could see my world in those eyes. And it was so beautiful and serene that I kept staring at it. I experienced a strange sense of calm and peace as we spoke that reassured me that you are the one for me! ”
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Since then he was there in every step that she took in life. He held her hand tightly as they kept going through the various ups and downs of life, never leaving her side for a moment and of course never letting the smile leave her face.

Narendra’s voice brought Lakshmi back to the present. “Here, I have ensured these are without any spices. And your bottle of water, normal the way you like It.” he said sitting next to her.

She kept staring at him with a smile on her face as he began munching on his sandwich for long when suddenly he looked at her and asked “What happened?”

Nothing I was wondering if you can still see your world!” She giggled.

He tugged a wisp of her hair behind her ears and whispered, “I still can. Though it is a bit old and wrinkled now, it still sparkles!

With that he once again had ensured a huge smile on her face reminding her she meant to him, always and all ways! 

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