Que Sera Sera

Last year this time I was turning the pages of life exclaiming all is well to me.  This year all that I can think of is Que Sera Sera – what shall be, will be.
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The problem with being a Sachin Tendulkar in life is that the moment you are at the crease everyone expects a century. Nobody wants to understand you could be going through a rough patch or having your bad days as well which might result into a duck score at times. In life it is important to succeed but at the same time it is also important to lose only to realise what went wrong and work harder towards. That is what makes you value the success more, isn’t it?  It is okay to falter and fall down on your march towards your dream; for it more important to get up after falling down.

Sometimes by consistent delivery you raise the expectations so high that people barely want to consider anything less than the best from you. And what happens is despite your inability at times due to various reasons you try to stretch yourself to meet their expectations in the process failing to meet yours completely.

Finally you reach a phase where you are unable to deliver even your worst and that is when the very people who thought you were the best tag you as no longer capable. What they forget is once who can – can always can. They forget that when you started you were not what you were but you became and you can once again for what none of them can take away from you is your grit and determination, rest all can be taken away and yet be regained. It is just a matter of time. For having tried and lost is better than having never tried at all!
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As always such a happening year left me with some amazing 13 truths of life that I will cherish forever.
  • I realised this year that however much you try you cannot please people around you. You can make them smile though, that’s easier!
  • I learnt that broken dreams need not mean a broken YOU. It just means the efforts were in the wrong direction, gather them all and move on ASAP for your dreams are still waiting for you!
  • I understood that loving someone need not mean that person will also love you the same way. It is simple logic of glass half empty and half full at work – a matter of different perspectives.
  • I came to know that however much anyone loves you beyond a point your pain is just yours. Simply put they cannot do anything about it and life for them moves on.
  • It hurts to know that all the efforts you put in till now were a waste. But it is worse to know that there are not more efforts left in you to put it again in the right direction. Failure is not the end of the world.
  • Love is always there – in, around, with, within and by you. What changes is the way you keep looking at and for it!
  • Sometimes the people you trust the most will teach you the meaning of betrayal and the ones you least expected will teach you how to trust and love again.
  • Dreams will break, goals will be missed, resolutions never fulfilled, hearts broken, trust shattered, money lost, awards never won, friends lost, enemies won, desires strangled, needs unfulfilled but throughout all this what will matter is how well did you LIVE for that is something you can never compromise on.
  • Getting something you never thought you could ever simply means you need to dream bigger. The Universe believes you and NOW is the time for you to believe in yourself too.
  • Dreams coming true are God’s way of telling you – YOU CAN.
  • Never let anyone else tell you what / how/ when/ where/ why – for they know not what you are and why you are. Never judge them and never allow to be judged.
  • Believe – in people, yourself, dreams, love and everything that is there around you despite all that keeps happening for there is no other way you would have it except that.
  • Hold on – tightly at times of trouble and a little loosely when things are going fine but never let go, for it was to be let go it would never have landed in your hands.
I know not what's in store for me tomorrow;
but I know something surely is and whatever that is might not be what I want
but is surely what I need to be where I need to be!
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