You, Me & Coffee

Come Saturday and I head to the nearest Coffee shop log stock and barrel. Me, my diary, my books and coffee – nothing can be more blissful than this after a long week of gruelling job.

The coffee shop people know me well by now and hence leave me with my coffee in peace for hours that I spend turning page after page drowning in the writer’s imagination and try to scribble some of my own.
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I love the ambience there. The delicious aroma of coffee engulfed in the air, conversations floating around and wonderful variety of people to observe. What can be better for a writer to get inspired from! This morning as I walked in I saw my usual corner occupied by a guy. Letting out a sigh I began scanning the coffee shop for something that could serve the purpose till that man left when I caught him looking at me. For a moment our eyes met and I saw him smiling.

A quick check – Tall, decent dressing style, looked debonair and most importantly his clean shaven look bowled me over! I immediately smiled back in return. The next moment he got up and walked past me directly out of the coffee shop. I kept staring at the door for a long while wondering about what had just happened when the waiter’s voice broke my reverie. “Madam, the usual?”
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