The End

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I have always believed that an end did not necessarily mean The End as it also means a new beginning. So here we are on the last day of the year, waiting for the new one to start with bated breath. Some of the things I think of when I look back at 2013:

  • I am proud of all that I achieved in this year, including the strike offs on my wish list.
  • I am glad I made it till here , maybe a bit broken and in pieces but I did.
  • I know what I don't want or what I was doing wrong.
  • I can do a lot of things provided I want to.
  • Sometimes it is ok to leave your biggest love ( writing) aside for a while and be with yourself for YOU need yourself the most at that time.
  • Dreams never come with an expiry date. You can always start chasing them right from the place you left them long back.
I am a part of a wonderful bloggers community called the Write Tribe and this year as one of our members Vidya Sury turned 50 she came up with this unique concept of a book written by us all. And the result is HERE for all of you to see:
I am very proud to be a part of something like this as it is coming together of some of the best writers together. Do read it for a wonderful experience as we begin the New Year.  [ P.S: I am on page no. 49.]
May this New Year  bring abundant love and joy to you all!

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