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I strongly believe - Every time you have one reason to frown life sends you at least ten reasons to smile! Just few days back I had been lamenting how I have been not able to write the way I used to before for various reasons and today morning I woke up to a lovely comment by a wonderful fellow blogger Jyostna Bhatia who blogs at Dreams and Dimensions on my I Love page. She has chosen me as one of the people for the Liebster award she recently won.

The moment I read this my smile widened for a very simple reason - it reminded me of the time when I had won my first award and the excitement I had then. I remember reading a comment there "Hope you are as happy as this for all the awards you get!" and I had replied "Yes I am sure I will be!" .

Till date I am as excited and happy about awards as I was then for they remind me I am thought of. I am about to complete 3 years of blogging, some 400+ posts, 106 followers, 7k+ comments, and 1 lakh + footsteps here surely make it all special. It is these thoughts that make it all worthwhile. Every comment, every like, every word of appreciation, every footstep here, every award and every criticism, it all makes me smile and is very close to my heart.

Thank you so much Jyostna ~this one's for YOU

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 “I've got nothing to do today but smile.”  ― Paul Simon

With every award there come questions for the winners to be answered. Jyotsna has made a very special attempt at asking some really wonderful questions this time. My attempt at answering them:

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· What kind of genre do you love to read and what genre can you write better?

You really think I should be answering that one ? **giggling** Well contrary to the popular beliefs I do read all types of genre though horror, crime and fantasy are not much my types. I have been told I write love and relationships as a genre very well though I always believed I write nonfiction the best!

· What has been the happiest moment in your blogging journey?

Every comment and follow on my blog is the happiest moment in my blogging journey for that means I am loved! So it never “has”,  it still is and I hope it continues like this always... I just love them!

· What’s your favourite quote? Can be from a book or otherwise.

My all time favourite quote would be: If you are crying because the sun has set down your tears wont let you see the twinkling stars!

· Name atleast one side effect of blogging.

       It is addictive!

· What is the weirdest thing you have ever done or seen in a restaurant?

It has to be at McD’s when I had ordered the Piri Piri French Fries and shook that bag so loudly that all the heads turned towards me (including the kids they must be wondering who this nutcase it!)

· If you could change one thing about a loved one, who and what would that be?

I would never want to change anything in any of my loved ones for I love them as they are and as it is said “Badal ke pyar karne  ko pyar nahi sauda kehta hai aur pyar main sahiba sauda nahi hota!”

· If you could categorize bloggers in some categories, what categories would they be?

For me they are one big family writing on various things depending on their interests but if I still have to then it would be based on their blog topics.

· Apart from writing, what is doing that one thing that gives you utmost satisfaction?

Reading it is sheer bliss so much that when I die I want to be buried in books!

· If you went, invisible for a day, what fun things would you want to do?

I would want to whisk away from work and just read and write to all my content (wonder if that is ever going to happen!!) but I somehow feel I always have less time to do things that I love doing!

· Name a book you read but wish you hadn’t wasted your time on it?

To be honest I never felt any book is a bad book. Every book leaves you with some lessons, some dos and some dont’s. For every book that you hold shows the amount of effort put in by the writer, the number of hours spent endlessly typing, imagining, creating and finally seeing it in a book form. So how can it be waste of time? Someone put in their heart and soul in it, so it surely has to be worthy of something atleast!

 I would want to pass on the award to the following lovely bloggers:

· Divya

Congratulations... looking forward to knowing you better as I want you to answer the same questions given to me! (Call me lazy if you may... but I call it curiosity !!!!)

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