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Having spent 95 years on this earth I sometimes wonder how many of us truly live it in every sense. Well for me I lived it with every fibre of my being.
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I was that young girl you would have seen some nine decades back running down the streets chasing her friends. Those were the days full of fun and laughter. The only plan in life was no plan. School, friends, balloons, books, dolls and my mom consisted of my whole world. Dreams were made up of saccharine sweet toffees and colour rainbows. And then one day a piece of my world chipped away. My Mom became one of those twinkling stars you see every night and my world was never ever the same.  She took along a piece of me with her leaving me incomplete forever. Yet life moved on.
Not very long ago I was that teenager dressed in that polka dotted frock you met on the bus stand. Holding my books closely to my chest I was trying hard to stop my tears from flowing. I had experienced my first heartbreak then. And the incessant rains seemed a blessing to hide my tears. It felt as if the whole Universe was feeling my pain, the pain of having to let it go. That day I wished I didn’t have a heart it hurt so much that I thought I would die, but I survived.
Losing out in love was becoming a practice by then. I approached adulthood with a very sceptical view of it all. People came and left my life like different seasons while I felt like a tree, a mute spectator to all the changes my life was going through. You guessed it right I was that 20 something girl dressed in a black frock sobbing on the last row in the Chapel that Sunday. I was tired of the loneliness by life had become off late.
I grew up and got married to a man who loved me for falling in love seemed easier than waiting for the one I love to fall for me. Had kids as per the law of nature, created a family that exuberated joy and love. We met at my neighbour’s Thanksgiving party if you remember when my youngest son was 5 years old. He died couple of year’s later still life moved on.
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Today after all these years when I look back I see potholes, bumps and rough terrains at many places on this journey of life and yet it is beautiful. I have learnt and lived, and still there might be many new lessons waiting for me to be unveiled. I failed, had my heart broken, dreams never realised and I am sure it might happen all over again. And one more time I will come alive as I am yet to live upto my name and become the Goddess of Wisdom.  Somewhere all these things make me. Some moments defined me, while I defined some moments.
I started this journey with everything and was left with nothing somewhere midway. And after that nothing became everything. My life is today a treasure chest of some wonderful people, cherished memories and moments I would like to relive again and again. They are me and I am them for people make memories and then reach a phase where memories make people!

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