Metro Diaries: Imperfectly Perfect (His)

Abhay used to wait at Lower Parel station everyday for his 7:40 train which would take him back home by 10:15. In time, as per his mother.  Since childhood he was used to a particular definition of perfection.  Clothes, habits, and timeliness- everything had to be perfect as per her. He had gotten used to it so much that he did not remember last when he had done something which was imperfect.

The need for perfection was so deeply imbibed in him that he kept looking for it even in his life partner. No wonder he was nearing 40 and was yet to find one! It had started with his mother finding some or the other fault with every girl he liked and had now ended with him finding fault with every girl she liked for him. 

P.S: This book has been removed for it has been selected to be a part of a book.

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