Salt & Pepper

Beginning this week I am adding a new segment in my blog:

Salt & Pepper would be a weekly feature updated every weekend talking about the good and bad I faced during that week. By naming it 'salt' I am referring to incidents which add taste to our otherwise dull [Read: Bland] lives. I used pepper to denote the colour black and the spicy flavour it leaves in our mouth.

I strongly believe LIFE is the best teacher. Nobody can teach us the way it can. So here it is ~

An ODE to the greatest teacher of all ~ LIFE


  1. Applauds for the start of great series. This was the beginning of S&P.

    1. *Takes a bow*

      Yep!! This was the humble beginning of a thought that I had in my mind :)

  2. Salt and pepper...loved all the posts...i don't know if i have missed any...but i tried to read each one of them...!!!

    and your description about Both Salt and pepper is picture perfect...!!!
    loved reading and am sure you would come up with much more interesting posts to inspire one and all through SALT & PEPPER :)

    1. :o)

      I am grinning from ear to ear after reading your comment. What started as a small attempt to be regular in blogging is today a very important outlet for me as it makes me look at my life , various incidents and the lessons they had to teach me.

      It feels on top of the word to read that it is picture perfect for that is what my attempt has been in writing each one of them. Thank you so much for such lovely words of appreciation, will try to write better and beter!


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