Want and Receive ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Receive

Couple of weeks ago one night I was very upset with the things were for me. Upset is maybe a small word because I could not sleep that night which has never happened to me before ever till now. Just for the heck of it I was surfing online. If someone were to ask me what I was looking for probably I would not have any answer ; for I was looking for some answers. I was trying to speak to God asking Him to send me some signal and help me clear this chaos. I was trying to analyze and re-analyze things bit by bit just in case I had missed something but to no avail. Confused was the right word to describe my state of mind that night.

At about 2 am I saw something blink on my screen. That's when I realized I was logged onto my Facebook account and one of my fellow bloggers was trying to chat with me. Honestly had it been a normal day I would not have even bothered to reply but I was in a very different state of mind as described earlier. Maybe I really needed to speak to someone. The most wonderful part of the conversation was going to be that this person was completely unaware about my turmoil. 

In a state of trance I replied to the chat and began a series of questions and answers. [ Don't worry I won't bore you all with the chat script and the nitty-gritty of what we discussed.] After the usual chit chat of not-so-much importance we came to the topic of music; rather should it be English music. Now with all due respect to everyone there I personally don't enjoy English music at all. But as I said tonight was different. When my fellow blogger suggested me an English song I was game for it. And believe me when I say I didn't repent that even for a moment.

I heard the song 5-6 times back to back and got almost all the answers I was looking for. I looked up at the sky and silently thanked Him before thanking my Angel in disguise ~ you really made my day. [ This thought was inspired by this experience]

Lesson Learnt : As it said ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE, God truly sends us answers in His own magical way. When we are seriously looking for them helter and shelter, He sends them knocking at our doors.

PEPPER ~ This week ~ Want

One my friends' contacted me last week stating that he was looking for a job and he needed my help in it. True to my nature I tried my best to help her the entire week only to listen to various reasons like, "Pay is not good", "Profile is very demanding" etc. Whenever I would ask him what he wanted he would only say " Yaar a job is the only thing I need right not. Anything would do".
This situation left me utterly perplexed at the way things were being dealt with. No doubt I left the job search for him and thank him in my heart for teaching me a wonderful lesson.

Lesson Learnt : When you yourself don't know what you want, you cannot expect the other persons to understand your want and produce results matching it.



  1. A good salt and pepper. But not in comparison to recent ones that is obvious as now you became a pro in writing this series. :)
    Open your opportunity door :)
    I completely agree there are lot of people who don't know what they want and still force other people.

    1. A beginner can never be compared with an experienced individual!!

      This was the beginning of a small thought, executed.

  2. Recieve:

    personally i don't hear much of English songs either...and the first time i heard one after repetitive nagging from my friend...i did wrote a blog on it as it gave me the questions i was searching for and it became one of the most read post 2 years back (Blog name:-"I never Knew I was losing you" i suppose it still is in the top 10 of my blogs read of all time)

    coming back to the post ...yes i believe if we really need an answer god give it through what i call messiah...though sometimes one may feel he isn't getting the reward for praying to god...the possible answer could be god has given a hint and he/she never acknowledged it or god wants him to struggle more so that he can be mentally tough...!!!


    Absolutely correct...when we our self don't know our goal or we aren't confident of what we want in our life even god cannot help us...as if we do get some help we would ignore it as it's not appropriate or it's not what they wanted...A person can achieve anything whatever it may be once he/ she is confident about what he/she wants and puts 100% effort into it...!!!

    Good one loved it...!!!

    1. Wow, yet another similarity!!


      Hi-5! There was a time when I was made fun of for not listening to English songs and I tried doing it just to fit in the crowd. But now am pretty much OK with it.I agree with you, God does answer your prayers not necessarily in the form you wish!

      We need to be clear of our wants in order to work hard for them to come true.

      Thank you :)


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