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SALT ~ This week ~ Joy
Due to my work, I have to travel a lot by air. Though I don't qualify to be a frequent flyer I do it pretty often. I am super-excited about my trips every time. There is a child-like glee on my face which refuses to go. You know the types a child has when he/she is taken to an amusement park.

Needless to say I take a window seat as I simply don't want to miss the sight outside. The runway, that speed just before the take off, the take off, the sudden feeling of being air-borne, that sight when things become smaller and smaller till they vanish out of sight, this all is so exciting for me. I feel we are such a miniscule part of such a huge creation. Words fail me to describe the exact feeling. Sometimes I see a field of fluffy clouds as if inviting me to play with them and if I am lucky I get a close up glimpse of the moon. Those few moments for me are like a mystic window which draws me closer to nature and God. I derive a sense of calm and tranquility from it, something similar to meditating.

To many of my fellow passengers my reactions seem pretty weird and they conclude that this is my first time only to be jolted when I reply in negative. Just as much I would want to I simply can't understand their behaviour [ I am sure they think the same about me!!] But on seconds thoughts I feel that's what we all have been doing till now . For us the excitement and joy is associated only for the first time or maybe till another couple of times. When it becomes a routine it suddenly loses its charm to us. There is nothing new left to be experienced. But, then what if today was your last flight? Or last day alive? Would it change your reaction? Then why not live each day like that?

Lesson Learnt :Such simple things emphasize the importance of being happy in small things and enjoying life's every little moment to the fullest. You never know which one would be your last.
PEPPER ~ This week ~ Contentment

I interact very closely with the support staff in our office [ Office boys / peons] as I feel every individual deserves some amount of respect irrespective of the work they do. The most surprising fact I find eerily similar in all of them is their contentment. Let me clarify I am not against contentment. But this is different.

They were born in lower middle class families. They had all the options to study and get decent jobs. They choose not the study as they were not interested in it and continued the type of jobs their parents had. They have no zeal or enthusiasm to improve their of their children's future. They remind me of a story I had read in my childhood.

Once a group of frogs fell in a pit. Couple of frogs started jumping to come out of it. The others began to scream that it is of no use. So all except one stopped. After a while that one frog managed to come out of that pit because it choose to ignore what the other frogs were saying. 

Same is the case with them. However much we want to help them they just don't want to make any attempt in changing their future. They have silently resigned to their fates. And above all they choose to crib about how their fates are written so badly that they are jealous of our life style. Some contentment this is!

We human beings are truly a strange species.

Lesson Learnt : If discontentment of any form is for our better then there is nothing wrong is being discontent. We need to make an attempt in trying to change our circumstances than just lament about them.



  1. we r truly a very strange species. and the grass being greener on the other side of the fence holds true for us.

  2. Joy:

    Totally agree with your life as if it's your last day...but then think about yourself do you spend each of your day like the previous one...? no because their are times which makes us sad,happy and their are various other human feelings which we feel time to time...and one cannot ignore them and if everyday is lived in the same way...( as if it's our last)...everything which happens repeatedly becomes monotonous and gloomy and then we start hating it...whether we have lived it in utmost joy or happiness or cheerfulness...
    one cannot live everyday like everyday but yes i agree one should now give up and live a boring and disharmonious life...!!!


    there are two ways of looking at have showed one i would like to show another way...
    A person suppose x earns 50k per month and suddenly he feels...this is not enough he has to do something big so that he can lay a foundation for his children and started working harder...his income rose his income increased his desire to crave for something more increased and finally one day he died after being a billionaire...will you say he lived a good life?
    i would say while yearning for more he missed living his life...all he was concerned was his work and he didn't spare any time for his family and friends...
    i know there is a common's better to cry in Mercedes than on a cycle...but my point is if there is contentment in what we have(without being compromised of what we can achieve)... life would be much better in a cycle than in a Mercedes...!!!

    this is what i feel...!!!
    i might be wrong...anyways i am not someone whose philosophies people would follow...but this is what i feel if there isn't contentment...we would loose our life in achieving our discontentment...!!!

    1. Agree!! :)

      Joy needs to be felt in everything that you do. Like if you love driving it should not happen that after some years the same driving becomes monotonous for you!

      Contentment - I understand what you are trying to say for I also believe that apart from running in the race there is a lot of other things one can do in life specially spending time with family. But in this case this person has no zeal to work hard at all. His father's job has been handed over to him and he makes no extra effort to change things yet cribbing is something he can manage to do the best!

  3. So this was the first Salt and Pepper. To be honest from the starting itself it looks you have some command over it but like always people learned with experience and improve upon it, you have also done the same and made some journey from Joy and Contentment to Leave and Compliment :)

    Joy: I feel something similar that's why I believe in spreading smiles across and want to make everyone happy around besides however sad or worst you are. Although you fail many a times but you can't leave it right ? You got this life live it to the fullest with joy, happiness and spread around the same :)

    Contentment: I don't what to say about it. I have a mixed argument about it as I have seen both ends or types of people. Nonetheless with your final comment I agree. We should not give up without trying anything and analysing our capability :)

    Keep writing :)

    P.S: I have missed many of your Salt and pepper :(

    1. Oh yes you have missed many I know :D

      Improvement is something that is possible for each one and all and that has been something I have tried doing in all my posts. Better than the previous one.

      Loved your thoughts on it!

      Thanks <3


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