Appreciate and Expect~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Appreciate

If someone were to ask what made you blog? I don't have any fairy tale story where since childhood I dreamt of writing and publishing my book someday. Though I was good in essay writing and debates in my school , my writing was only limited to that. I enjoyed writing the poetry the most. I always wanted to be a poet and never thought I could write I mean write such things. I have a collection of some 50-60 poems and dreamt of taking the number to 100 before getting it published. Thats about it.

Almost 2 years ago sometime in early 2010 I visited one of my friends at her place where she showed me her blog proudly and started discussing it very animatedly. My immediate reaction was ' Hey wow that's interesting. I can also do this....' [ Point to be noted here : I was not a net savvy person at least at that time and was completely aware about all these things. My net surfing being limited to checking my mails once in 15 days :)]

She gave me a puzzled look and said 'You ? Are you sure? You know you need to be humorous in your writings thats when people read it. However stupid it may sound it should make people laugh. You are so serious types. I don't think it is a great idea. Please don't do such a would make a joke of yourself.' To say I was hurt would be a small statement then but I left it at that. Somewhere this left a mark on my psyche and it would pinch me every time thinking I could write funny things at all. In the mean while I was constantly writing for my company's In house magazine and had received positive feedback. I started  writing personalized emails / letters to my friends and family which were hugely appreciated. But then my writing was limited to that world only. I never thought of venturing into the then-unknown world of blogging - partly thanks to my friend for scaring the wits out of me.

7th March 2011 - When one of my colleagues started blogging he told me to join it as he knew I was fond of writing. When I narrated the above incident he told me there is unique reader for every unique emotion. You should write for yourself and not what people think about it.That's when Privy Trifles was born. And the rest as they say is history.

Had that colleague of mine never showed me this aspect of writing maybe I would have believed my friend's words to be true and called it quits even before starting.

Lesson Learnt :A small act of appreciation can actually create wonders in someone's world without you realizing it.

PEPPER ~ This week ~ Expect

Last year ended on a sad note as I lost 3 people in my life. One to death and two to life. Funny it may seem but it is true. I lost them because I found myself compromising too much on my self respect. And they thought it was ego.

I think all three of us were expecting different things from each other which when not fulfilled resulted into a sense of frustration. For some time I quit expecting also from them but then I started feeling being taken for granted too much. The list of expectations seemed to be endless. That is when I decided to call it quits. I chose being called egoistic and still went ahead with this decision. Though it does hurt sometimes because I feel lonely but I don't repent my decision as I feel peace with myself. I stopped expecting and let go of those people whose expectations I could not fulfill.

Lesson Learnt : Expectations sometimes act as poison in relationships.


  1. Hi,

    This is my first time here. I had to come here because I read your love for kismitoffeebars. So well, like mindedness and all that u know :)
    This is my first post (obviously, I know) but I loved it, I love the way u used salt and pepper and also relate it so beautifully.
    Please always write, not coz you will have a readership ( you will for sure including me now on) but because it makes you happy and what you write is what u feel :) right? So nobody expects anything just like you said.

    Okie, I must warn you of my habit of writing small posts as comments. You may now turn on ur moderation or block me ;) :p

    1. Hello, A warm welcome to my blog and hope to see you more often here!

      Like mindedness surely is tempting. Thank you so much for such wonderful words. I will always remember them specially at times when I feel low and remind myself about these words!

      And your small posts-cum-comments are more than welcome thoughts of blocking you at all!!!! :o)

  2. SO very true write for yourself.. Thats what I do.
    I started 2 years ago also just like that and god has been kind i have made some very good friends out here ..

    and yes never expect , od what you want ot how you want to .. rest will follow

    All the best .. Take care


    1. I agree to each and every word you have written here- Touchwood it has been a wonderful journey till now :)

      Thanks so much!

  3. thanks for your colleague, otherwise we don't have privy here..

    Waiting for your poems get published.

    1. Awww...that was so sweet of you to say that.... Thanks :)

      Me too waiting..keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. Appreciate:

    you know a small appreciation helps a lot at times of dilemma...and i must say the person who appreciated you for blogging must have seen a genuine writer in you...!!!

    you spoke about how started writing and your limitations of writing...if i speak of will
    i was never a thought myself a blogger...never in my dreams...i never wrote anything even in my school or colleges for that fact the first thing which i wrote (outside school course of writing) i wrote it in Hindi as i never thought i could ever write in English was horrible like any person who hated reading would be( in fact i could claim whatever i have written till date...i haven't read 1/100th of it's volume till date)...!!!

    i wrote my first blog in a fluke...but then it grew in me...i don't know how but somehow it grew in i would donate my time much to writing (& never to reading)...but for the past few months i have started reading a lot...and i think it is helping me in my writing as well...!!!

    you could count you lost 3 friends...sorry i could not count because i have lost so many very close friends...that's i have lost a count on it...!!!
    i don't know why i lost expectations? may be i don't know but i don't expect? my nature? my behavior? my attitude? i don't know...
    but what i know is it seems to me i have more people from my life than i what i have fact if there is Guinness book for loosing people from life...i would be up was my good luck or bad luck i don't know but there was only one person whom i can associate with a feeling called love...and the lesson i learned from it...i keep myself away from Gender female(who ever comes up to me with that intention...i must speak it before people think it other way...i am straight :))

    you know i loved both of your post here...and that's why i summoned on deep on my thoughts and wrote all those rubbish...i felt like deleting it...but than i thought...i shouldn't delete it as it's a part of me...!!!

    1. Ah well... I don't know what that person saw in my writing for till date he has not read any of my work!:D

      Oh I read like crazy.. reading and writing are like two things I cannot do without. I have to read 2-3 pages before I sleep, could be a blog, a book or even the newspaper. But reading is a must.

      Same pinch about expect. I also feel the same. I lost three last year and many more till now but I feel each one has taught me something very crucial.
      He he he.. I will not jump to any conclusions after reading this statement of yours for I remember all those lovely posts on love and relationships that I have read on your blog!

      It was not at all rubbish.Rather I loved your thoughts as it meant my writing triggered something in your mind leading to it. And that is the best compliment any writer can ever get.

      You are right, one should never delete our thoughts as it is a part of us, sometimes unheard - sometimes unseen.

  5. Oh this salt and pepper looks quite close to you and your blog :)

    Appreciation : Little appreciation, yes it really helps a lot and can let you do anything.See it's all in the words and thoughts isn't it ? It's your thoughts and that person's appreciation that has led to this beautiful blog today.And it hardly take anything to tell your next person that you see what their dream is :)
    Hats off to your that friend who could do so :)

    Expect: Expectation is really something from which I want to stay away a lot and everyone needs to be. As when it breaks its pressure is difficult to handle many a times. But without expectation or hope life wouldn't be life I guess so. It's about learning from the past and trust again but this time judging the other person keeping the last experiences in mind.

    Keep writing your salt and pepper. They are really very interesting reads.:)

    1. :)

      Thanks so much, am planning to bring it back soon!


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