LOVE – A mystery ~ Part 2

The story so far: Part ~ 1

The story ahead:

From the next day Sakshi was not aware about the changes she went through. Or maybe if she was aware it was beyond her control what her heart was making her do. She took more pains in dressing up for the office spending hours before the mirror changing at least a dozen dresses before finalizing one. “Nothing but the best for Avinash….” She secretly thought as she got ready.

Her changed behavior and puzzled look on her face was a matter of concern for Khushi- her roommate and colleague. Khushi was the only one Sakshi could call a friend in the company. In a short time they had managed to become great pals. Khushi was helpful to her in terms of adjusting and settling down in the new city. Khushi had observed everything last night and had tried asking Sakshi couple of time but she got no answer. Tired of it she left it there thinking things will get clear at the right time. 

From the office main door to her desk, Sakshi’s eyes were constantly looking for that familiar face only to be disappointed. Imagine her surprise when she logged onto her computer her Instant Messenger blinked. She clicked on it only to find Avinash there.

Avinash: Good morning…!! 

This morning is definitely good.” She thought to herself before replying.

Sakshi: Very good morning

Avinash: Hope I didn’t bore you last night.

Sakshi: Not at all. On the contrary I enjoyed myself a lot. Thanks !

Avinash: Good to hear that. I also enjoyed your company.

Sakshi: Great to know that!!

Avinash: So…… FRIENDS??

Sakshi: Friends 

Avinash: Welcome to the gang!! Aur ha don’t forget dosti ke kuch rules hote hai – No sorry- No thank you. GTG…TTYL.  [GTG: Got to go & TTYL: Talk to you later]

Sakshi could not stop smiling looking at her screen. It took a tap on her shoulder from Khushi to bring her back to reality. She asked”Hey….what’s happening huh??? Subah subah all this blush blush…whats cooking?” Sakshi tried hard to feign innocence,” What blush?” she said shaking her head in disapproval “Nonsense. Nothing like that. Chalo let’s get back to work. Hope you remember today is the deadline for submission of that project.”

Those chat sessions with Avinash now became a matter of daily habit where sometimes they used to chat for the entire day while doing their work side by side. She came to know many thing about him – his likes, dislikes, about his family, friends and habits. And for him Sakshi was like an open book. He knew her in and out and understood her very well. Or so, she thought. With each passing day her feelings grew stronger and stronger. Her inner conscious constantly kept on asking her “Am I in Love?” and she had no answer to this as she was utterly confused about her feelings for him. But she knew very well the vibes she got from him hinted at something which she could not understand or maybe did not want to understand. That protectiveness, possessiveness, confessing of admiration, complimenting etc. All this was not mere friendship. It was more than that. It was love. Her heart stopped beating for a moment when she thought this. She simply did not know how to react in case this happened.  After a lot of debate with her own self she decided to leave everything and just go with the flow. 

To be continued....In next Sunday Scribblings

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