Love- A mystery ~ Part 1

Tingggggg…..ggggg. The clock on the nearby wall struck one jolting Sakshi out of her reverie. “Oh my God!!” she exclaimed,” It’s one and I am not even sleepy.” She stretched her arms and walked towards the nearby window only to be lost in her thoughts again. In the past few weeks her life had taken a 360 degree turn and Sakshi had no complaints. She smiled as she thought of the changes.

The first thought that came to her mind was meeting Avinash. Though they worked in the same office they were in different departments. Hence Sakshi never knew such a person existed in her office until last week when a colleague introduced them at an office party.

Sakshi was 23 years old, fresh out of college and still trying to understand the corporate world in her first job. She was bubbly, full of energy because of which she made friends easily in her office. She was single child and had grown up in atmosphere where she was taught to take her own decisions since the childhood. Sky is the limit was the motto with which her parents had brought her up. With her parents’ constant support and encouragement she had successfully managed to pursue a Masters in Mass -com from the reputed Symbiosis University in her home town Pune despite the societal pressure to get her married. Her parents had taught her the importance of having a passion in life and pursuing it with full heart not through words but by example. They both had leaded their lives like that and expected the same from Sakshi.

She had been an average student throughout her studies. No doubt she was surprised when she bagged a job on the 1st day of placements in a prestigious advertising company from Mumbai. For her it was all surreal. Maybe she really did have a spark which all her teachers used to talk about. For her this was just a first step towards her dream of making it big in the advertising world. With loads of dreams in her eyes and hopes in her heart she had begin her journey on the corporate ladder.

First few weeks just flew away in trying to know people, understanding her job and undergoing various trainings required. And then it was time for the much awaited event of the year –The offsite party. It was the annual party in the company where people from all the departments and branches gathered to meet in an informal manner. That’s where she had met Avinash. Sparks were flying was too damp a statement to be made. Daggers were flying would be the apt line to be used here to describe their first meeting. If asked to describe the course of events that evening Sakshi would probably have to fake a partial amnesia. As the only thing she remembered was meeting Avinash, talking to him and dancing with him.

Avinash- the more she thought about him the more she blushed. Though he was a far cry from the usual Mills and Boons Hero there was something really adorable about him. He had a cute chocolaty face with deep brown eyes adding to it a mesmerizing voice which could bowl over any one. His job suited his temperament perfectly as he was accounts manager for some of the important clients. He was known to one and all for his sweet talking skills. Sakshi felt an instant connection with him. They hit it off immediately with the word “Hi” till it was time to say “Bye”. That night Sakshi could hardly sleep.

To be continued.......

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