Simply Single [Re-post]

Recently I have seen many of my friends and collegues facing the heat due to the pressure of getting married. And yes it does bog you down beyond a limit. So, here I am re-posting one of my earliest posts to bring a smile back on their faces. Remember, don't let the heat burn you down, rather roast some corn knobs on that heat, turn on some music and call Me in to enjoy the rains together!

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“I am single…..”  
That’s what I say proudly every time someone asks my status.  Despite the pressure of getting married, not to ignore the zillions of “caring-well wishers” around the world who want to get you married the next moment itself, you can’t deny the fact that this state of being is actually quite enjoyable and to an extent enviable too!!
Recently few days back I had come across an article in a leading newspaper where any unmarried girl above the age of 25 was the topic of discussion for her marital status. As per that article, 25 was the age where any girl should be married. As after that apart from other various reasons, most importantly the parents also start feeling the social pressure of not getting them married.
But I think the other way. I think 25 is the age for a girl to actually “NOT GET MARRIED.” Yes…. You read it right. And I have reasons for thinking like that:
1 - Financial Independence- Common gals, you can’t ignore the fact that this is the age when you are financially independent and in a way secure too. How can you afford to miss enjoying this independence out!!
2 – Maturity – I am sure as teenagers we had a different approach to all things even remotely closer to – love, marriage, sex, boyfriends, romance, crush, love at first sight etc etc. By this time, looking at your friends various relationships / having a couple of your own we have woken up to reality and are out of that candy floss world of romance. Our dreams or expectations are more realistic now…closer to ground reality. We have seemed to have attained the maturity to know what we are looking for in our life partner. We know what you want in life and also from a marriage. This will definitely help us save the trouble of ending up with someone who is just not our types.
3 – Experience the inexperienced married friends – Incase you are as lucky as me, you would be surrounded by your closest circle of friends who are happily (Or should it be unhappily!!) married by now.
Few of them might have even become “mammas” to cute little babies. And believe me they would leave no chance to share their experiences with you. Don’t panic incase they sometimes sound like a walking encyclopedia on marriage / relationships / mother hood / in laws. Can’t blame them, it’s too much for them to take it too! 
P.S -> You also can’t ignore the jealousy factor involved here!

So, my lovely ladies CHILLAX!! After the golden period of teenage and college days, this is the platinum era of your life which is never going to come back. Make the most of it.Give it your best shot – so that 10 years down the line when you look back you don’t repent having not done anything for yourself in your life.

And as a forward message says, next time some one asks you, why are you single? Take a deep breath and flash your sweetest smile to say “Because, God is busy writing the world’s best love story for me!!”
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