The Lone Warrior

“Battered and bruised I stand today, waiting for my last breath.
I am left with nothing more, but there was a time when I had joys galore.
My each nerve was bursting with energy as there was a new life on each of my branches.”

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I was sent on this earth in the form of a seed and slowly I started forming a shape. The first time I opened my eyes and saw the vastness of this earth I was awestruck. I had fallen in love with this world that I was surrounded with. I saw the other people who were around me and claimed me to my well wishers. They gave me a warm welcome and made me feel at home immediately.

I loved each and every moment of my growing up years as I experienced something new each day. The first time I saw a fruit dangling from my branch I was ecstatic. It suddenly made me feel all grown up. Mornings were blissful with birds chirping firmly perched on my shoulders and nights peaceful as cool breeze ruffled my hair playfully throughout. It was so wonderful to have such beautiful birds for company. They came from faraway lands and made me their abode. They gave birth to new lives and I felt as if I was reborn.

I gave shade to tired passersby and was home for so many birds. Children felt safe under me as they played for hours together. My fruits had filled so many hungry stomachs and tantalized many taste buds as well. But as they say nothing is forever. My heaven was also short lived . I remember the day when I was young and had faced a storm for the first time. I was very scared and was trying to look for some savior. That is the day when I realized that from the moment I have stepped on this earth I was all by myself. As I grew I became stronger and stronger each day gathering strength to face all the storms that come my way. This moment was my coming of age.

Today as I stand tall on the edge of this hill, I feel like a warrior. I fought so many battles my entire life for my near and dear ones.  But during this entire time I forgot one important fact. I was alone here.  I had come alone, am still alone and will go alone from here. In this journey I met some wonderful people, made friends and also got some companions on this journey. But somewhere in this journey they all went on their own paths. Some might have reached their destinations while some would still be on their way. And I am here.

Having fought so many battles in my life I am waiting for that last battle which will defeat me. Till now each day I faced new battles – won some, lost some but I fought each one with my full strength. I learnt how important the rule of survival of the fittest is in today’s world. I also realized how much lies we all are surrounded with. I have no regrets whatsoever as I have lived my life to the fullest each moment.  But there is still a hope. A hope of winning this last battle and relive my life once again.

~ To ~
The Savior
Loneliness engulfs me as I stand here today,
Having a mixed feeling not knowing what to say.
O the mighty and the strong creator of us all,
The Lone Warrior is here waiting for your move or your call
Hoping to get a reply before it’s too late
To see whether it’s a check or a check mate.
~ From~
 The Lone Warrior

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