Once More!

Current Status : SUPER HAPPY!!

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Uma who blogs at My musings has nominated me as one of the bloggers for 

Thanks so much Uma !! I am touched to know that I can be inspiring. My blog is very special to me and it feels so great to receive this lovely blog award for it.

As a part of rule I will state 7 random facts about Me here;

  1. I cannot stand liars or artificial people.
  2. I am crazily and madly in love with my blog. I am kind of obsessed with it.
  3. I love music - there is always something playing in the background or I start humming.
  4. I hate mess around me. I like to keep things spick and span at all times. [ Even if it is midnight!!]
  5. My most precious possession will be my 6 cartons full of books.
  6. I have a shoe - fetish.  [ And please don't ask me how many I have right now]
  7. I am very finicky when it comes to detailing. I want every minute thing to be pre-planned.

~This one's specially for you Uma ~
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