Diary of a daughter

A father- daughter's relationship is very beautiful.... to express which perhaps the words would fall short. Sharing glimpses of a diary where a daughter tries to capture the charisma she shares with her HERO.....
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15th March 1987

You paced up and down the entire night in the hospital corridor as inside they prepared for my welcome. At about 1:30 am I announced my arrival with a shrill cry. You rushed into the room to see me and took me into your arms uncomfortably for the first time.  I looked so tiny and fragile in your large rough hands. ‘My princess……’ you declared to the world as you drew me closer to your chest. Since then I ruled your life.
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17th June 1988

I took my first steps today. The moment you got to know that you came rushing home, you wanted to hold my hand as I pranced around my kingdom. I witnessed family values and warmth.

16th March 1992

You got me my first bicycle today as my birthday gift. You held it firmly and ran alongside as I rode it proudly on the streets.
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At 10 in the night as you were having dinner I wanted to ride it once more. You asked me to wait, but I didn't. I went and met with an accident. You pacified me as you nursed my wounds. Not once did you scold me as you felt it was your fault.  You defined care, love and concern for me then.

10th January 1996

Today was sports day at my school. You cheered for me crazily from the stands as I ran the first race of my life and I lost. You taught me how to lose gracefully when you took me to congratulate the winners. I learnt winning and losing is a part of life.

22nd November 1999

I participated in an elocution competition today and experienced stage fear. You were sitting in the audience constantly encouraging me to speak. I came running down from the stage with tears in my eyes. You hugged me tightly and let me cry for a while. That moment you showed me it is not important to win, but to participate.

6th May 2002

You fought with Mamma today. She was taking sides with bhaiya and not letting me join the Girl Scout group. ‘Nothing, but the best for my princess…..’ you said as you gave me money for that. You told me how important it is to raise your voice and fight for your dreams.

31st December 2005

I experienced my first heartbreak today as my best friend fought with me and stopped speaking to me. You heard me out patiently as I cried hoarse about how much I cared for her and how she never bothered.

You kissed my forehead tenderly and said,’ Beta…this is just the beginning. You will meet many such failures in life, in relationships, in work, in studies - in about everything that you do. Cry for them if you want to, but after sometime move on….holding onto it will not solve your problem anyways.

16th August 2007

I graduated today. More than me you were happy as I won the gold medal for topping the university. You flaunted it around to everyone feeling so proud about me.
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I could read it in your eyes clearly,’ Dream; because they come true when you work really hard for them.’

14th February 2012

You had started searching a prince for your princess and today you had finally managed to find one. You sounded so ecstatic while you told me about him. I was speechless as I thought, ‘Am I no longer your princess….?

You squeezed my hand reassuringly and I could see the familiar spark in your eyes.

2nd July 2012

Today is the D day – my wedding. You give my hand in his and say this is your new life. As he holds my hands I think of the first time you had held me. As we take the saptapadi together, I cannot help but recall the first steps I had taken holding your hands firmly. You were so right. This is actually a new life for me. I am reborn today and am taking baby steps towards my new life.
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As he takes me along with him I constantly turn my gaze around searching for you. The moment I spot you I hug you tightly just to say, ‘No matter what, you will always be my HERO papa.....and I your princess – today, tomorrow and forever.’

Disclaimer: Before you guys start pouring in the congratulatory messages, let me make it clear - Its not ME who got married this month :)

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