Letting Go...

‘Make peace with your past so that it won’t spoil the present.’

Many a times we keep running away from the dark shadows of our past as we find it too difficult to bear with them. And then one day we magically gather the courage to face it. We are tired of running around and decide to bear with the consequences, whatever they are. It is very mysterious how we get the courage but after that we are no longer scared of anything. We are fearlessly staring into a beautiful tomorrow which is full of endless possibilities.  An endeavor to bid farewell to a painful past…as we need to let go of a few things in our life to create space for new and better things to enter.

~ The Memories of A Painful Past ~

 We met. We fell in love. And it all began.
We fought. We screamed. And it all ended.

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Or so I thought. It was not. It never did for you as you choose to make my life worse than hell with each passing day. The humility and embarrassment you made me go through each time is unimaginable.  What is my fault I asked each time and got the answer ‘YOU’.
I drew my heart on a piece of paper for you. 
You tore it into pieces and threw it away as if it did not matter anymore. 
I tried to put those pieces together again but every time my tears washed them away. 
Tired of trying so many times I left it that way – shattered.

Time and again as I tried to gather the scattered remnants of my life you would come back like a storm to blow it away. The hurt you gave me was too much to bear. I tried a lot to forget the pain you gave me. But it simply refused to go. It pinched me, hurt me, and gnawed me till I bled.

Every time you tore me apart I managed to stitch myself together. I will continue to do this till either of us loses our strength. This war is not fun as you seem to have only one way of hurting me while I seem to come up with new ideas every time to come back with vengeance. I want to see who wins – my fear or my hope. You keep fueling my fear while I will do that for my hope and wait for the mystery to unfold.

Life showed me a path full of love and care,
Treading on which I had to dare,
I realized it was a trap luring me away,
I had come away so far that and there was nothing more to say;
I chose to believe……..

It broke my belief and shattered my dreams,
Took away my laughter leaving behind my muted screams,
My tears refused to dry as I did nothing else but cry,
I had lost everything and had no glimmer of hope- but still;
I chose to forgive…….

A battered soul, a broken heart,
A string of memories tearing me apart,
I failed badly even though I had tried,
What should I do I asked God and cried;
I chose to forget…….

“Enough was enough” I thought and decided to end this at last,
It was a question of my survival-I had to let go of my past,
Looking at myself I was aghast,
Beginning a new life, forgetting all the pain;
I chose to arise again…….

Life was jeering at me, making scary faces,
Showing me thumbs down at all possible places,
As it wasn’t enough it tried to pull me down,
Giving me the option of crying or being a clown;
I chose to smile…….

People sniggered at me and called me names,
They thought it was me to be blamed,
No answers only questions everywhere,
Whatever was happening was just not so fair;
I chose to move on…….

God had given a second chance to me,
I will prove myself for everyone to see,
Put a brave face though my heart cries,
From the ashes like the phoenix I will rise;
I chose to live………

~ From~
The Yet-to-be created Memories 
A shaken but confident future

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This post has been published in Kaleidoscope magazine's December issue. 

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