A journey from there till here............

Source: Google Images

I was born in the dark ages where dreams were forbidden,
An era where the sun refused to shine despite the clear skies,
The darkness of my soul overshadowing the darkness of the sky
The list of don’ts exceeded the list of dos, what the heart wanted did not matter.
A sigh escaping the lips was often unheard; the cries of the core were strangulated deep within.
Yet hidden amidst those black and while hues the heart imagined in vivid colours
It dreamt of beautiful mornings filled with sweet chirpings 
And of days when all that mattered was what I felt…..
Carrying them in heart like a flame I began a journey,
Fumbling my way to reach the shores; onto an island full of love and life
Where the warm rays melted the iciest hearts and joy danced on the song of nature…
Looking back a triumphant me is all that I see, having made a journey from there till here.
No magic, no might… all that I needed was espy.

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