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Value love, peace and joy – remember its value multiplies when you share it with other. For these things though seem trifle they actually sum up to make the maximum of our lives. And always remember the most beautiful and important things in life are free - love, laughter, friends, relationships, loved ones......

When we were small and we were asked what do we want to be in life, we had such various answers like a doctor, engineer, pilot, teacher etc etc. Today when we are asked what do we want to be in life, most of us would have only one answer; "HAPPY"........

I think pure feelings are something that we left behind in our childhood. These days our tears are hidden with false smiles, jealousies with false friendships, hatred with false affection....we have actually forgotten what pure unadulterated happiness is. Is it the feeling that we used to get when we were on swing and it used to go higher and higher making us break into giggles? Is it the feeling we used to get when we used to win something in school? Why is that our tears are hidden behind our smiles and our smiles hidden behind our attitudes? When did we last laugh out loud like we used to when we were child?

Love everything that you are surrounded with for YOU are love. Live every moment for the gift of life is LIFE itself. Laugh at everything you can not only because its funny but also because sometimes it confuses the other person as they keep on wondering about the reason behind your laughter!

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