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Understand the real meaning of your life. There were millions of people already on this earth when you were born, so there is some specific reason why you were sent. You have the ability to do something which these millions don’t have. You only live once and you need give your best to it for this could be your first and last chance at life.Life is a plain white canvas presented to us and it is up to us to draw something beautiful on it and make it a master piece!

Many times we know our destinations and are so obsessed with reaching there that we forget to enjoy the journey itself. Sometimes all that life seems to be is a running race – from one check post to another.In between we laugh, we cry, we fall, we get up to start running again. At some check posts we win, at some we lose. Someone runs ahead of us making us want to run faster, and sometimes we are happy when we triumph ahead of others. Amidst all this we don’t realize the milestones we have cleared. 

We are just busy running the race- chasing one milestone after the other. We forget to do the most important thing - LIVE. Remember, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”  - Oscar Wilde

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