Metro Diaries ~ An endless wait - 2

In continuation to part 1

Meanwhile in another corner of the house, Priya sits on her table staring out of the window. Her thoughts are flowing like the rain water into places untouched since long, creating ripples on her soul. She takes her diary, flipping the pages to reach today's date and starts scribbling furiously :

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Day 4895

It’s raining once again today. This beautiful splattering rain drops remind me of you every time and I get drenched in it only to feel you. Every drop that touches me makes me feel as if you just touched me as softly as ever reminding me of our favourite song ‘ I miss you like the desert misses the rain……..’  It was one such rainy day when we had met for the first time. Completely soaked from head to toe, chilled to the bone the only warmth being the fire of love burning in our hearts. And it was another such rainy day when the news came; news which changed our lives forever. 

One flash of lightning and I lost you. Since then there has been not a day or place when I have not looked for you. Yet another rainy day has come to an end without any news from you.  I sometimes feel I have lost the count, of the number of ways I have tried looking for you. Every door I knock seems to be closed and every window available opens to dark endless tunnels. I pray every day to God to bring an end to this ordeal fast and to give me the strength to continue with this search. 

Today I want to confess something to you. Out of all the promises I gave you just before you left, I broke another one today. Guilty, yes I am but on second thoughts I feel we are playing a prolonged game of hide and seek and the more promises I break the faster you will come out of your hiding. 

I hope you remember Brijesh, our Pari has become a teenager now. She is 14 and fills the whole house with her tinkling laughter. I remember the promise I gave you before you left – to do anything for that smile of hers. And today I broke that promise. She kept on asking about you till I lost my temper and slapped her. Please forgive me…. Brij... I am really sorry. 

The numerous visits to ministers to make appeals are all taking its toll on me. I never wanted to hurt Pari but I know today I did. She did not even have food or touch her favourite mango ice-cream and cried herself to sleep. I know she will be fine tomorrow. After all she is your Princess with your never-say-die attitude. 

You always told me that your motherland needed you as much as I and Pari did. I want to ask you Brij... is you motherland as lonely as we both are today? Not a single soul is able to answer where you are. The only thing they can offer me is condolence and a false promise of an amount which never sees the day light. I wonder how can someone be so heartless and sleep peacefully at night knowing that someone who had kept his life at stake for you is no longer there

I wish I had an answer to her questions. How do I tell her I myself am looking for some answers? I don’t have the heart to give her the answer what others are giving to me – that you are no more. Perhaps the day I will kill you in her eyes that day I will kill a part of me which holds you alive……..

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