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I love being on the move. Changing cities since childhood, schooling in one, college in other, working in third, travelling has been an integral part of my life. However enjoyable it seemed there was one corner of my heart which always yearned for a sense of belonging.…..a place to call my own – a piece of land and handful of sky where I could live and perhaps die someday!
I would sheepishly stare at the tall buildings and gated houses trying to imagine a house of my own somewhere amidst the by lanes. A concrete structure made up of bricks and mortar yet a cozy cocoon for dreams to imbibe. Four walls and a window would suffice I would envisage; the walls acting as a shield and a window to let my ideas soar high. 

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White plain walls with only one bright lilac wall to add some colour, loads of wind chimes solely for the tinkling music they create by the window, white lacey curtains adding a mysterious touch along with loads of fairy lights adoring the window sill. The only furniture I was so particular about was a book shelf full with my favourite books from rack to rack and a music system just above it. Rest I had almost imagined the whole house to be empty, maybe because I dreamt of dancing there sometimes.

Today my job requires me to travel a lot. Saying good morning to the sun God in one and wishing Good night to the loony moon in other. Listen to music on I-pod and reading books on the go is the way currently. Though there are no wind chimes to soothe my fraying nerves I still have the rustling wings blowing my hair to calm me down. 

The absence of fairy lights is covered up by the scented candles I carry along always. The white lacey curtains have continued with their mysterious touch and hence are currently missing. And dance I still do, to the tunes of life. Coming to talk about it I have come to love it now as I get to see new places, meet different people and explore areas which I could never have had otherwise. There was a time when I was trying to bind myself to one place without realizing that perhaps the world is my oyster!

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I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th – 14th December 2013.

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