Metro Diaries ~ An endless wait - 1

Dear Papa,

Today once again I asked Ma about you and got slapped. But I did not cry for I am your strong soldier Papa. Every time I ask about you she starts crying and hurriedly does the household work as if trying to run away from there. 

You know my friend Sheetal, her dad got her a new pink bicycle and he comes every day to the play ground in the evening as she learns it. I miss you at that time the most. I don’t want the cycle Papa but I want you by my side to hold me and help me get up if I fall.

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I miss you at the PTA meetings when all my friends come with their parents. Their moms kiss their forehead with pride and dads almost lift them up in joy. I want to feel that joy Papa. I want to show you all the A+s I have got till now and the stars that adorn my report card. 

I miss you when I want something very badly for everytime I ask Ma she says she does not have money and when you will come you will buy it for me. I want you to be my Santa and make my wishlist come true. I want to hug you and say I love you Papa to hear I love you too beta in return. 

I miss you on all my birthdays for they are all incomplete with you. I want to feel like a princess on that day with you and Ma prancing around my kingdom.

I had promised you that I will not cry and I will keep that promise. I will not cry till the day you come for the day you come I will cry a lot, for all the bad things that happened in your absence. I want to cry in your arms and feel safe, knowing that you are there. 

I hate to see Ma like this, sad and lifeless. I know she will be very happy when you will be here. Come back soon Papa… Missing you. 



To be continued.....

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