Down the memory lane

In the bygone lanes of my childhood,
Closely build walls of bricks,
Hold a piece of me somewhere.
Walking through the narrow stretches you reach a large tree
Just behind those dark branches
Quietly hidden under the yellowed leaves
Lies a broken toy of mine that I long ago had forgotten

As you move ahead to reach a broken hut
Where windows seem to tell a tale untold
Amidst those heaps of shattered glasses
Is a dream I left behind ages back.

Leaving behind a fistful of sand turned memories
Passing through fragments of life that was
There is a tyre and a rope made into a swing
Swaying to its tunes many a secrets have been hidden in its creases.

After a few more steps lies a blue body
Swirling, dancing like a snake flowing from one to another
Just like love – heart-to-heart - - - - - - - soul-to-soul
Beneath that body of waves is a buried hope
Long forgotten and now perhaps… erased. 

I close my eyes to recollect the map etched on my soul
Lurking through my imagination I manage to reach the gates
To what seems the unknown?
The rods imprison my thoughts as my soul fights to be freed.
Left with no choice I finally leave a piece of my soul there in the prohibited area
Surging ahead to touch a sky that’s maybe……………… just maybe I can call my own.

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