Blessed & Chase ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~Blessed

Over the last couple of months my life has undergone few changes, some pleasant and some unpleasant ones. Needless to mention those changes have taken a toll on everything including my writing. I have people around me asking me the reason for the bodily changes which can be easily attributed to many other factors.

But one thing that perturbed me the most was the way some people were behaving towards it. They were someone I counted very close to me and counted on them in many ways. But surprisingly none of them could notice the pain I was going through. I was putting up a fake look of everything being fine and they all had bought it. Initially I was a little bit taken aback but later on I applauded myself for having achieved this level of pretending so convincingly.You could say I had surrendered myself to the situation waiting for the storm to calm down so that I could manage to find a way out when something really spectacular came my way like a rain shower on a parched piece of land.

One day I recieved a gift from a wonderful blogger cum a darling friend, Swarnali all the way from Kolkata with a heart touching letter. This made me wonder what had I done to deserve this. The love, the care and the affection that came through was unmatched for.

This is the second such gift. The first being from another blogger cum buddy which I shared here. Over the last few weeks I have received emails, messages, mails, phone calls, and FB messages just to inquire about my well being. Whilst I lamented about my loved ones not knowing about it, I failed to realise the blessing I had in the form of some wonderful online friends.I don't know when, what and how did I manage to create something so magical that even at a distance they could make out something was amiss.

Like one of my friend told me, you should rather feel blessed to have this form of self less love rather than cry for some form of love which perhaps was only an imagination. Blessed I truly am, for having such lovely people around me cannot mean anything else.

Lesson Learnt:  Count your blessings more often. Because sometimes they come in disguise!

PEPPER ~ This week ~ Chase

However modestly I want to put this as, this is the most simplest way I could say it - I have been complimented a lot for my voice over the phone and in person being asked to sing at functions and gatherings. 

But rather than feeling proud about that compliment it pinches me somewhere.  Long back when I was around 11 years old my little heart made a desire to learn singing. For some reason I was always fascinated by songs, lyrics, taal, pitches and ofcourse the singing tone. So after a lot of convincing my father one day took me to a very renowned teacher for admission.

I still remember that teacher - middle aged, wheatish complexion, dressed in a crisp cotton saree with a huge bindi adorning her forehead. She had an air around her which smelt of pride. My father introduced himself and then signalled towards me as her wanna-be-student. She motioned me to come towards her and in a very bossy tone said, ' Sing something..let me see your voice. Your father seems to think very highly of you."

Her big eyes piercing me matched with her not-so-soft voice was enough to let the singer in me go to sleep forever. After some moments of silence she nudged me again a bit harshly by gripping my arm tightly. Meekly out of fear I managed to sing few words of what was the best song I sung always.

"Tch tch tch.... "she nodded her head. "She has got a horrible voice. Her pitch is so wrong. Forget about her ever singing in tone.. please don't enrol her in any classes. She is not the singer material. If you are so found of music then let her learn instrumental. Nothing else." With these words she sealed my fate. From then my parents convinced me that I was not a good singer and that I should not think of it any further. I like any obedient child left it there. But then the love for songs never went. I hum songs at every opportune moment and die for soulful lyrics. This lead to my singing and ofcourse my customer service skills are accentuated due to my voice.

I realised it now that perhaps we - both me and my parents should not have let one person decide my fate. Perhaps we should have gone to some other teacher and I should have chased my dream with more passion. I would have surely felt better about it today rather than carry that lament of not giving the best that I could to it.

Lesson Learnt: In life it is very important to chase your dreams regardless of what people tell you as the pinch that you feel later on is unexplainable to anyone. You are responsible for your life, your dreams, your decisions, your success and your failure.

P.S: I know I have been missing a lot of things on the blogosphere off late. I am not upto my regular writing, commenting, posting and everything that I was till some time back. I promise to be BACK very soon to normalcy and cannot THANK YOU enough for being there for me at all times. HUGS <3


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