Lessons & Choices ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Lessons

I am a dancer. I love dancing in all forms.  I have learnt classical, Punjabi, Bollywood, Gujarati and hip hop to satisfy the dancer in me and yet it keeps craving for more.

In the recent years due to various reasons I had got out of touch with my dancing. It began with a major accident some 4-5 years ago and then slowly it started declining as work-life balance began to get difficult. This week I am on a vacation and I happened to visit my dance teacher.

The moment I entered the dance school she embraced me with lot of love and began to tell her students how good I was in the art. I had tears in my eyes as I tried telling her how I had lost the art and right now there is nothing that I had in me.

After the discussion, she urged me to perform and I declined as I was blank at that moment. She tried one more time only to hear a more firm no. So she just smiled her trade mark Monalisa smile and asked me to just sit there and enjoy as she continued the class.

I was completely lost in the music and beats when I noticed one of the students kept losing her taal and the teacher was so busy in the class that she did not notice this tiny girl dancing in one corner at the back side. After observing her for some time I was unable to hold myself back and I went up to her to show the right step.  I danced after almost a gap of 4 years and yet the steps came to me as it was just yesterday. I completed the whole taalam when the class started clapping for me. That is when I had realized what I had done.

I saw my teacher who was smiling from her seat. I went and sat next to her hesitantly when she said “You never forget something that you learn from your heart. You learnt cycling did you forget it... No. Even today if I were to give you one you will be able to ride. You learnt dancing with so much passion. It reflects on your face when you dance in the form of a faint glow and a radiant smile on your face. You think you will ever forget it? No. For it is from your soul that it comes. You might not have done it in a long time. But still your soul remembers the beats your feet danced on. Like ways sometimes in life you reach a phase where you feel you have forgotten how to love and live, because you had stopped doing it since a long time. But your heart remembers how to do it. Just a small push from your end and it will be back to you like a fresh lesson learnt. “

She taught me that day what was perhaps missing in my life till now. I had forgotten listening to my heart and never asked it about the lessons it had learnt. I was pressuring my mind to help me and with its limited memory power it failed miserably making me fail too. And yes she taught me how to dance once again, this time to the tunes of life!

Lesson Learnt : Some lessons of life are etched on our hearts and souls, and those are the ones which are truly unforgettable for they hold the secret of living in them. 

PEPPER ~ This week ~ Choices

I have always spoken about Indian marriage systems in a hilarious manner. One incident that happened this week adds to the humour slightly.

Couple of months ago there was this alliance my parents were looking for me. Now I coming from a conservative South Indian family the pictures were all in sarees and salwar kameez. Apparently this person did not like that. So here this guy was asking for pictures specifically in western wear which was a bit alarming for my family and they refused stating we don’t have any such pics. No prizes for guessing I was rejected very soon.

Yes I was dejected not because I liked him or something but a rejection always pinches. It took me a lot of time to get used to such rejections for I realized that the reasons were very shallow. And if someone based their choices of life partners on such baseless reasons I should be rejoicing not be chosen.

Coming back to this person – well recently I happened to meet him on something known as Whatsapp. And yes it does have my latest pic as my DP. The first reaction from that person was Hey you look so different. I asked you to send me a pic like this why didn’t you send it then. And the tone was getting a bit flirtatious there.

I was speechless as I was wondering what kind of a person he was. He made a choice based on whatsoever beliefs he had and today he wanted to change that choice if he could. Now that was surely some level of shallowness. I was silently thanking God for having got me rejected first or else I would have never come to know the “real” him.

Lesson Learnt: Choices in life need to be made with a lot of caution. They could make or mar you. But once made you also need to stand by them come whatever may. As Ratan Tata had once said “I don’t believe in taking right decisions. I believe in taking decisions and then making them right.”

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