From one heart to another, with love!

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Dear Papa,

I remember you always telling me about the day I was born. You had held me in your hands and wanted the time to stop there. You were spell bound by that little bundle in your hands which claimed to be a part of your flesh and blood. I also recollect that first glance into your brown caring eyes not knowing that I was looking into a spiting replica of what mine would be years later.

Whenever I think of my childhood I reminisce as you being the silent spectator throughout as I went through various ups and downs of life. Though as a teenager I failed to understand this resilient nature of yours today when I look at it I feel there is a lot that I need to be thankful to you for.

You were never there when I was learning the bicycle. I kept on falling and still I would get up to start learning again till I mastered it. Dad, you taught me that in life there will be many such instances where I will fall down and loose my balance. And it is extremely important for me to know how to dust myself and stand up once again to fight the battle with renewed vigour.

I still think of that day when I had a huge fight at school and had come back home in tears. You knew that friend but still you refused to go and give him a piece of your mind. Ma constantly asked you but you did not budge. That day I realized that there are many battles in your life which you need fight alone. 

You and I watched grandfather as he took his last breath. We witnessed his struggle against death for almost a fortnight before giving in. Not once did I see a crease of worry on your face for I learnt however much you love someone beyond a point you are extremely helpless. It hurts to see your loved one in pain and it hurts more to see that there is nothing you can do about it. But then that is the law of nature.

Every time I came to you asking for advices you discussed the pros and cons at length and yet left the decision on me. Ma hated that but I know you did that for you wanted me to be a good decision maker and learn to bear the consequences of a wrong decision also. You never protected me from any pain or harm; rather you let me get hurt and grow out of it stronger. 

Today when people associate the words strong, mature, dependable, and calm and composed with me, I cannot help but think of all those small actions you did throughout my growing up years. I never realized the seeds they left in me which are today deeply rooted fully grown trees making me what I am. 

I stare once again today in your brown caring eyes which have become old and hazy with age, yet the magic in them refuses to go. Yes my eyes resemble yours as if to say I am a part of you. An inseparable part which makes me see this world the way YOU wanted me to see it. 

I  just want to tell you Dad – I love you, not for all that you have been but for all that you have made me. I would have not been anything without those colourful pieces of life that you weaved for me to make a wonderful quilt. This quilt has the magical ability to make me feel warm in the coldest of nights, protect me from the harsh heat at severe times and soothe me when all I need a good sleep to feel rejuvenated. You might not have held my hand at each and every step but you let me carve a new path for myself. And today as I have found my wings I can proudly say you are the wind beneath it. 

This is the cake I got for HIM :)
Happy Birthday to a man I love the most in my life, because you make me what I am and if given a chance I would love to be your daughter in the next birth as well for I am sure there are many more unlearnt lessons from you!

P.S: My Dad celebrated his birthday just 2 days before and I did everything I could to make it extra special for him. Starting from his favourite food to a surprise birthday party it was all there and yes he loved everything. But still there was this need for me to pen my thoughts somewhere here for keepsakes so as to look back at them years later and smile reminiscing about the good old times!

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