Changes, Chances and Challenges- 1

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The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” - Heraclitus

Change was the reason for being MIA for so long. Some professional, some personal, these changes made me go beyond my comfort zone and enter my courage zone. I saw myself doing things which I had never thought I would and undergoing experiences of a lifetime. If nothing, these changes have left me with loads of newly found strength and belief in my own capabilities. 

A chance – is something we all look for most of our life as we keep thinking of the various possibilities had that one chance come our way. I got that chance of a lifetime in the form of various opportunities that have come my way in the last 3-4 weeks and I am truly grateful to Him for this. Though these changes and chances are always more than welcome there are some things I would never want to change. Leading that list is the love I keep getting in form of lovely encouraging comments, mails, messages or awards that come my way. For this my dil always maange MORE!

Challenges, what is life without them! Yes with all these things come along loads of challenges. Some very miniscule, some major- but then this is what adds flavor to the otherwise dull and boring life. So like they say – Bring it on Baby!

During this transition period I was showered with 4 awards by two lovely blogger-cum-friends:

By Divya & Ruya

By Maliny

By Ajay
Like all my awards these are also equally special as they encourage me to continue writing no matter what changes my life undergoes. As words fail me to say something sensible I would just like to say:

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Thank you ~

For this award. For your lovely words and gestures of encouragement in the form of your comments. For your wonderful posts which have such wonderful secrets of life embedded in them. More than anything Thank you for being there just the way you are as that is what means the most to Me <3

There are some challenges which have also come along right now and they are also accepted with wide open arms just like those changes and chances as they are too good to be missed just like that. So over to challenge no. 1 by Divya:

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