Who am I?

In life we women tend to play a lot of roles - we are a daughter, sister, girl friend, best friend, wife, daughter-in-law, aunty, niece, mother, sister-in-law etc etc. Amidst all these roles we sometimes tend to lose the real US and many times ask ourselves Who am I?

Off late I was pondering over this question and this is the answer I got:

Source: Google Images
Somewhere in the realms of the mind, Playing hide and seek with you,

Baring hues of various kind, hoping it all to come true.

I am a dream

Clutching on to dreams, moving ahead with hope,

Battered and bruised it seems, but still trying to cope

I am a soul

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Searching for love all around, hither-thither everywhere

Plunging ahead with every sound, towards the unknown I dare

I am a heart

Epitome of splendor, I sprinkle my grandeur far and wide

Shattered yet tender, marching ahead with the cracks I hide

I am love

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Bliss is thy name, fun and frolic I define

Call me anything-I am still the same, amongst the darkest skies I manage to shine

I am joy

Swaying away to an unheard tune, with a head held high with pride,

Old and worn ties I prune, remembering all the times I cried

I am hope
Holding onto with all my grit, I am ready to face all that comes my way
Come whatever may I will not quit, is all that I can say
I am life

Sometimes naughty, sometimes fun, sometimes lonely, sometimes shy

A little bit confused, a little bit crazy, searching answers for every why

I am me.
Happy Women's Day!

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