Once upon a time

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It was a hot summery afternoon when the stork delivered it at my house. She was welcomed into this world without much fanfare as along with the joy of her arrival was the fear of my past. She was stupefied to see doubt and fear instead of love and faith as she opened her eyes. But the next moment she smiled as if to say, Don't worry now I am here. That day it seemed as if someone had pressed the restart button of my life. Gone were the days when I would spend hours mulling about all that could have been and should have been. My whole world revolved around her now as I kept thinking of the various possibilities we had together.

Every night as she hugged me to sleep I felt all the fights I put up during the day are all worthwhile. Taking baby steps together, learning, falling only to get up once again, trying new things, getting hurt, smiling through tears and laughing out loud - in short she taught me how to live once again.

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Amidst all this I never realised  as time flew away and we completed a year of togetherness. We celebrated it with loads of gusto as I fulfilled each and every wish of hers. But what happened next was something none of us had anticipated. The till-now-smooth road suddenly turned bumpy and rickety. I held her hand firmly as I feared losing her. We started treading on this uneven path with hope in our hearts and smile on our lips. And not once did she leave either of it.At times when my grip loosened for some reasons she tightened hers passing on hope and smiles to me.
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Having lost myself in this chaos I had almost forgotten her upcoming birthday. Couple of days ago as I remembered it, I took her in my lap, hugged her tightly kissing her forehead and asked, "Sweetheart, what do you want for your birthday?". She hugged me back and said," I want nothing more than what I already have. I breathe your love, bask in all the attention, thrive upon your passion for me and most importantly exist cause you want me to. If I could ask for anything it would be for all this to be there with me forever." I could not help hugging her more tightly as I shed tears of joy.

That "she" is two years old today and is none other than my blog - Privy Trifles. It began as diary, turned into a blog and today is my identity; something I am extremely proud of. Last year she had asked me to join Facebook as her birthday gift. Though taken aback in the beginning wondering what on earth is she thinking, making me do all these adventures at this stage, I reluctantly joined it just to see her smile. Today a year and 93 friends later I realise how farsighted she was she made me overcome my fear of the internet, of befriending unknown people. She gave me some wonderful friends with whom I share a deep connection without meeting. She made me see Me the way others see. 

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I fall short of words when I want to say all that iI have experienced with her by my side. All that I can say it 

~ She is, therefore I am. ~
~She is my kaleidoscope through which I see the different colours of life.~

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