Changes, Chances and Challenges - 4

By Maliny

Maliny's questions ~

  • Your dream holiday destination ?


  • Favourite movie , music band / musician , author ?

R. K Narayan.

  • Which do you prefer scribbling on a piece of paper or typing onto a laptop?

I prefer scribbling for reasons unknown.

  • Have any of your wishes come true ? Tell us about it.

Oh yes ! Loads of them. I have received an anonymous email from a reader of my blog complimenting me on my blog. She finished reading it entirely in 4 days and the words she used to both me and my blog was like a dream come true. I will truly cherish that moment for ever.

Love you S for this <3

  • Would you like to own an apartment or a house reason ?

I like houses more because of the open spaces around them. I love flowers and hence a garden with a swing in my house is a must.

But then am also tempted to have an apartment solely for the heights they can be at and the view you get from the balcony.

So my answer is CONFUSED!

  •  Favourite time of the day?

Night – I love the quietness around me a lot.

  • Do you have a best friend? Tell us about the wonderful qualities you like about him / her  .

Yes I do. I have written a letter on him describing all that he is. You can read it HERE

  • Any television series / movie you would watch umpteen times over?

Malgudi days – I simply love it beyond words!

  • Where would you rather spend your retired life . In your ancestral place or in your current city ?

Ancestral place – I love the olden days a lot and my ancestral city has somehow retained that old charm.

  • What would your Bucket list comprise of?

My bucket list compromises of many things like clearing few exams , writing more, some favourite author’s books on me to be read list, learn contemporary form of dance. Most importantly from this year I plan to start giving back to the society in some form or the other – however little it maybe.

  • Tell us about your current passions in life . 

My current passions would be – blogging, reading, dancing, travelling, photography and listening to music.

Last but not the least, Ajay's q n a

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